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Dam Trip Day 2

Day 2 was filled with fun and relaxation. Ashley and I slept in and ordered room service breakfast! It was delicious, cheap and quick~something unheard of in resort living!

We got dressed and headed to the pool. Neither of us can do much in the sun but we sprayed down with SPF 100 and settled under an umbrella. We watched some kids playing in the pool and got tickled by their antics. We stayed and played a few rounds of poolside bingo but we didn't win. I made Ashley go wading in the kids pool. It was empty when she started but was filled with kids when we left.

Ashley and I ate leftovers in our hotel room and then got ready for our facials. We went to a spa here at the resort. It was goooood. Ashley got a manicure as well. I was told I have good skin!

Bob and Eric played golf.  They came back to the hotel while we were gone and ate a ploughman's lunch in the hotel room.

When the guys got back we hung out at the resort and then went shopping.  We found a few bargains at Marshall's and at Evergreen.  Then we went back to the resort to get ready for dinner... and what a dinner it was!

We ate at The Duck.  Our first time ever and we will be going back.  What a beautiful place.  The service was wonderful.  The food was wonderful.  The only bad experience:  climbing the steps back up to go home!

After that scrumptious dinner we went out for frozen custard.  We decided to do a contest for ourselves between Randy's and Andy's Frozen Custard.  Even though the Lake chose Randy's, we liked Andy's chocolate frozen custard the best.  The flavor was much better.

We headed back to the resort and ended the day with an 80s marathon of music videos.  We all chose our favorites and then just went and watched ones we remembered.  We were laughing so hard our sides were aching!

Another great day on the Lake!

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  1. We have never tried Randy's, we always go to Andy's. Molly likes Andy's too...they have pup cups. I get the chocolate. Yum!

    Where did you find the Christmas stuff, was it the Case Knife store? I can't think of the real name. I always call it Case Knife. It's in the mall now but used to be out on the highway, before they put in the new road.

    Haven't been to Evergreen in a couple of months.

  2. Blast if I didn't have to give up my favorite frozen custard. Thankfully, John can still enjoy while I have a soft serve. Not the same, but I can pretend. Love the nail color! I want it on my bedroom walls. You know how children are attracted by pretty girls...Ashley is pretty...she's a magnet for kids. :D

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