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Daisy Delight

There is a local restaurant that we discovered when we moved to Jefferson City in 1994 that was very close to our new home. It is called Daisy Delight and of course, the name appealed to our then third grade daughter.

Yesterday Ashley had time to have lunch with Bob and me and guess where she wanted to go? Yep, Daisy Delight! It had been some time since Ashley and I had been there since we moved from the Eastland house almost six years ago!

Daisy Delight serves good American food as you will be able to see for yourself. We had a great time!

To learn more about this local favorite, click here... Daisy Delight

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  1. Ooh that Reese's Delight sounds amazing!
    I love places like that!
    Fun post!

  2. That is so fun that you and Bob got to meet up with Ashley for lunch, and it looks like such a fun, homey, cozy place!!! How is Ahsley enjoying married life?! :-)

  3. Daisy Delight, such a sweet name. And those fries look great!

    I read your comment in Susie Q's blog about how to know if you're ready for another dog. (I hope you don't mind my butting in here.) Some of us are dog people and we're simply not whole without one. It isn't disrespectful to the memory of your old dog to adopt a new companion; it is a testament to the love you shared.

    When my old girl Annie died, my husband and I wondered too when we'd be ready for a new puppy. The decision was taken out of our hands just two weeks later when a friend's daughter had a 9-month-old bulldog she wanted to get rid of. It helped us a lot to have this new little love, even though he was crazy bad. (He's since turned into the best boy one could ever imagine.)

    Don't deny yourself the joy of having a dog. We've even adopted a second one, a Boston Terrier, and we're so happy with our furry family.

  4. Oh pass that tray my way! That looks so darned good...is that a cheeseburgher all wrapped in white paper? Ohhh, looks so good!!!

  5. Gday Terri, I just popped over after reading your comment on Alice's blog.
    Im a dog person also,You see my old blue heeler dog passed away (He is buried in my backyard). early May. While I was away visiting family. Mothers day was a few days later and my family presented me with a little ball of fluff my 1st indoor dog ever and said "Mum your not going home to an empty house now". I just love her and she gives me joy and a great comfort.And I wouldnt part with her.do take care ill be back to read more..

  6. Anonymous11:58 PM

    A perfect summer day! How fun it is to see these "day in the life of" moments.....

    Hugs from the Redneck Triplet!!!

  7. I haven't thought about that place in years. Thanks for reminding me... we'll have to go the next time we're in JC.
    Have you been to Prison Brews, yet???


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