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Truman is adorable!

Truman is so quickly becoming part of our home... as I am blogging he is sitting at my feet fast asleep. We took him with us to see if he would travel well and he does... except he must get a little nervous because he didn't eat or drink much at all.

We are in the potty training business right now and that is such a difficult task to do with an abused dog. Any scolding makes him shiver down to his bones. Bob takes a much more assertive manner with him and I bet I make it even more difficult when I am too loving... got to find a middle ground!

Just in case you were wondering... Truman does ride in a carrier in the car... we were just seeing how well he'd like to be in a car. He doesn't like his carrier much but he seemed fine in it in the car.

Don't you love that he's small enough for Ashley's purse? That probably won't happen again as long as he isn't potty trained, though!

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  1. I just love him!!!!!! He is too precious! I can't wait to see him once his fur grows back in!

    He's going to be a much loved member of your family! :)

  2. At almost a year old, Maggie still has an occasional accident. I can always tell by the guilty look on her face that she's slipped up.

    I'm sure Truman will try hard to remember to go outside. But sometimes it is easy to forget when there is so much fun stuff going on inside.

  3. Oh, I love Truman, what an adorable little fella! Congrats to you all on his adoption!

  4. Tee Hee! That purse is too cute to have to throw out due to an accident!!


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