Mom's 70th birthday!

Several of you might know that my mom celebrated her 70th birthday! My sister drove in from Kansas and I drove in from mid-Missouri to surprise my mom with lunch out with her girls!

She chose to go to China Gardens, which is a fun Chinese buffet. When we walked in, who did we see but my mother and father-in-law! We had a nice chat with them as well! Then my cousin LeighAnn came in and I had to catch up with her a bit.

Mom got two fortunes in her cookie... we think that means extra good luck!

Ashley and Eric got to come as well which is always a delight!

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  1. Terri I got my card off to your mom late. I am always late for everything. The grands have kept me on my toes as well as all the baby goats being born. I am sorry its late.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom!

  3. What a wonderful time you all seemed to have!

  4. Happy, happy birthday to a lovely lady!! What a sweet time you must have had!!

    Please give her a hug from me okay?


  5. Happy belated Birthday to your sweet mom!


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