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Shelter Adoptions

Perfect dog? No... that one ear keeps flopping back and he barks a lot... but can you see the tail wagging in the picture? It is a little bit blurry!

We recently adopted Truman from the Columbia Humane Society. I wanted to report to you on his progress because I know a lot of folks are skeptical when it comes to adopting a dog. Truman had a horrible beginning, with an owner who thought she could neuter the dogs herself (and botched it up, according to the vets). That alone gives him a lot to be upset about!

He is such a delight! He is funny and cute and so entertaining! We bought him a long skinny toy that I call "Ernie" that he drags around and chews on. He loves treats and has learned that Bob is the "treat man!"

Has it all been perfect? No, he's a year old and not housebroken. He's trying really hard, in fact, tattles on himself when he tinkles or poops in the house (he stands by it and barks until one of us comes over, then looks terribly guilty). He barks at Bob but will sit lovingly on his lap if I hand Truman to him.

He behaves very well in the car and the vet said he was very good in the office.

If you are looking for a puppy or a dog, consider adoption! Both of you will be blessed for doing so!

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  1. What a sweetie! You guys are so wonderful for adopting him. It is so hard to hear what he went through though, poor little thing. I am sure he is so happy now!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Don and I were just discussing this the other day as we keep tossing around the idea of a dog.
    Once they learn that you aren't going to harm them, they are so loyal. Our best dog, Chera, was a dog we got from a kennel. A priest had left her (after beating her) and moved so we took her. She was the most loyal, loving, trusting dog once she realized we loved her.
    It's a win-win situation!!!
    Good luck!!

  3. Glad you found each other. Enjoy your little buddy! ThanX for stopping by for WW.

  4. He is just precious! Truman is so lucky to have a family that loves him and will help him recover!

  5. What an absolute cutie! And, I've got to ask, what kind of Nightmare on Elm Street Freak-a-zoid tries to neuter their dogs themselves??? WOW!! I've never heard of such - and it's scaring me just a bit. Bless his little heart (and other areas, for that matter)- I'm glad you and Truman found each other.


  6. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I love that he is telling you when he goes! He just has to get the details worked out; won't be long now. It's a miracle this is the only real issue he has, after what he suffered through. God bless you for giving him a new life!

    Much love from the Tammy Triplet!

  7. Oh Terri! Poor little man! Thanks for being so very patient with him...he will learn soon enough! Cute little pooch!

  8. I adopted our retriever 5 years ago because I found out I was pregnant and wanted to raise the baby with a dog. It was the best choice my husband and I ever made. Her name is Evee and she is like my oldest daughter. Good for you!

  9. Truman is the very best advertisement for shelter adoptions! I have to laugh at his furiously wagging tail. Such a happy boy.

  10. Truman...what a sweet little guy...I'm so glad you saved his life...and that's what you did. How wonderful that he has such a loving home...I'm sure he'll get the hang of the housetraining thing! I could just hug him...and you too! so

  11. Truman is wonderful. If he's telling you when he potties, then perhaps it won't be long before he's asking to go out. He certainly is a sweetie. It breaks my heart when I hear about things that happen to animals.


  12. Bless you sweetie for adopting Truman and for posting this!!! I am so all about adopting our furbabies if we can. I know it is not always possible for everyone and that is ok. I just urge anyone who goes through a breeder to really research that breeder well. And please never ever buy from pet stores. As long we we support pet stores we support puppy mills and that is the worst of the worst and they must all be stopped!!! We adopted Bailey from a Beagle rescue. He had a bit of a rough go of it early in life, too (though not like sweet little Truman) and the love he has given us for giving him a forever home is immense and amazing!!!

    Bailey sends lots of doggie kisses to Truman!!! :-)

  13. I cannot believe that someone would try to neuter a dog by themselves!!! What were they thinking! He is so lucky to find a nice family that will love him! Give him a hug for me. I love dogs. Mine is sitting next to me now! Oops now he's jumped up and is barking at someone outside...oh well!

    Sorry for not visiting more often! I'll go get caught up now!

  14. That he tattles on himself got a big "awwww' from me.

    What a sweetie.

    He sounds like he is smart enough to get the hang of this housetraining and having a loving family "thing".

    I'd go to the shelter first...every time...

    Becky K.

  15. I think adopted dogs are the most rewarding. We adopted an old lady boxer named Maude after her owner had to go to Iraq. He must have beat and neglected her. I think of her often. She passed 6 months later of heart failure, but she taught me so many things. She was so grateful to be with us, hard to imagine that, but I know it was true. Truman is with you for a reason. (I'd like to see the former owner get a "special" treatment myself. What a sicko!!)

  16. Terri

    He's adorable and so lucky to have you and Bob and his family.


  17. I'm sure you spoil him rotten - and he certainly deserves all the love and affection you shower on him.

  18. Awww he is gorgeous! How could anyone do that to an animal? He is a very lucky dog to me with you now. I hope you all have many happy years together.

  19. What a precious face that sweet doggie has... how could anyone have left him in the shelter? I admire you sticking with it through the housebreaking process. It is evident that he is a loved little fellow.


  20. I am sitting here crying out of happiness for you and for Tru. I am such a huge adoption promoter and know that, no matter what problems there are in the beginning (Oh but Kip was a toughie at first!), you will be reawrded 100s of times over eventually. Bless you and Bob for giving him a chance and bless little Truman. Did I mention that I love his name!?



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