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July Gardens

Here are a couple of pictures from the backyard...

Usually at this time of the year the gardens are burnt and withered, but we have had so much rain that the gardens look ok, for the most part....

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  1. Terri...
    I LOVE your header...it is so refreshing and beautiful! I haven't been around much lately...so I am trying to play catch up...I see you have celebrated a milestone anniversary ( I did leave a comment on that one), your mom has turned 70...Tell her..."happy birthday" from "crazy in TEXAS" , you have had what looks like one heck of a reunion...and shared some killer desserts...funny thing...I bought those same popsicle thingys a few weeks back...I bought them to give to my girls...I thought they were pretty cute and reminded me of my childhood...when we used to take popsicle sticks...Koolaide and an ice tray...and make our own popcicles...puney...but still good!

    Thanks for sharing...your flowers and yard look wonderful...and thanks for stopping by and leaving such a familar sounding comment today...I feel the same way...about those cigars...but what's a gal to do...we are pretty lucky ladies with pretty awesome husbands...so I guess a cigar every now and then...isn't too bad!


  2. I think your gardens look beautiful!!!

  3. Wow! What gorgeous flowers! You have a green thumb!

    Have a happy day!

    Hugs, Sharon

  4. Your flowers look wonderful!!!

  5. Beautiful garden! ThanX for stopping by last week and commenting on piXie's 4th of July artwork. Much appreciated.

  6. Love the flowers! They look very happy.

    Have a great rest of the week.

    Becky K.

  7. Terri, your garden is perfect...I'm a coneflower fan, mine haven't bloomed yet, so here's hoping they wake up! Yours are just lovely!

  8. Like I have said dear Terri! You are talking to a concert lover! I do love your gardens BUT it won't happen over at my place! Just lots of cement and beautiful palms in big ol pots! And lots of unbrellas and rattan!
    LoL, thanks for linking up kristen's blog! It was fantastic to reconnect with her! I just think her to be cat's meow and so happy that she is a admin on GLU! Must be buckets of fun of there! YEA! I sure do miss the GLU!

    Lots of hugs girly!

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous!
    Thanks to the rain, the few that I've planted are still alive and kickin', too!

  10. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Oh, your garden is gorgeous, girl!!! I'm thrilled to be able to follow it here, as I will be leaning heavily on you to help me with the gardens at Autumn Ridge....


  11. Lately we've been promised some rain but have had only brief showers. I need it for my garden which I am trying to revive this year.


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