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Back to Work I Go!

Today I spent a couple of hours at school which was fun and tiring, all at the same time! I read the announcements in the morning and surprised all the students! I visited with people and got my paperwork completed for my absences.

In addition to the excitement of work, I started my cancer drug today. It will reduce the chance of my cancer returning to 4%! That means I have a 96% chance of staying cancer free! I will take this drug for the next five years and meet with my oncologist every three months for a year... then annually if all is going well!

Ashley is defending her thesis today all while trying to deal with a herniated disc. We do NOT do things the easy way in our family! She is on some good medication and I am hoping that by tomorrow she feels a lot better.

Tomorrow I go in for another couple of hours. I plan to walk through the building and say hello to as many kids as I can!!

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