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Garden Planning Time!

Three things have happened this month to get me thinking about spring and planting.

The first was my husband asking me what plans I have for our backyard this spring and I was so glad he asked!  I would like to stain the concrete, purchase a table set for the deck, refinish the wood table and plant our small garden and fill our planters.  I would also like to expand our butterfly garden a bit and maybe put in a window box where the our garage window is.  Hoping to create the planting station I've been wanting and, if I'm not stretching my luck too much, build an overhead awning over the back door.


The next thing that happened is that my bible study group, LLL (for Life, Love and Lattes) started discussing whether or not we were going to do our garden project again (Bridging Hunger Project). Our discussion centered around what we were going to plant, how many plots to rent, how to make it more community centered.  I asked for some planning advice and received these helpful forms from Nemcsok Farms and the blog Someday I'll Learn.

This first post talks all about How to Plant a Spring Garden.  So much good information and so helpful.  Lots of great info from sowing seeds to plot garden design.  I am intrigued with Chelsea's toilet paper roll seed starters!

First is the maintenance form. This will help me when I am scheduling workers to go and water and weed.   Next is the tracking your garden's performance.  I think we are going to get plants from various places so this will be useful in finding which plants produced the most.  This next form will help us as we plan what vegetables are going where.  This plot design form can be given to the actual planters to know where the plants go.  I'm using this post to help us figure out how we want to start our seedlings!  There are a lot of great ways to start the seeds!  We will use the vegetable planting schedule to make sure we don't plant during the wrong time.

The third thing that happened is that my New Town Garden Club friends are talking about the plants they need to divide and who wants what.  So far I have hostas, bleeding heart, and astillbe coming my way this spring!  The planning is so much fun!

With all these events, who wouldn't want to start planning?  To help you dream a little more, I have made the graphic above into a free printable for you to hang on your refrig for inspiration.  Just click on the link and you will be transported to the download.  Enjoy!

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