Homemade Febreze

I love using Febreze in my house to eliminate odors.   I love the smell and how quickly it works.  I use it a lot, and when I realized that, I wondered what chemicals I was adding to the air in my home.  I did some research on the product and this post was instrumental in motivating me to do something different.

I experiemented with a couple of different homemade versions, one with vinegar that didn't leave a super pleasant smell, and one that uses hair conditioner, which is also full of chemical.  I settled on this recipe, which I believe is effective at removing odors.

Homemade Febreze

1 c distilled water
1 c rubbing alcohol
10 drops of lavender essential oil
5 drops lemon essential oil
1 T baking soda

Place the baking soda in a 4 cup measuring cup.  Add oils, mix together well.  Add rubbing alcohol and then water, mixing well.  Pour into a reusable spray bottle.  Label appropriately.

I have sprayed this on the bottom of my sofa cushions and have seen no discoloration using this product.  I highly recommend that you do that as well.

I have heard you can replace the rubbing alcohol with cheap vodka.  I haven't tried this.

I like this product because it is effective and a lot cheaper, and green if you reuse a plastic spray bottle.

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