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The Choice

How far would you go to keep the hope of love alive?

Literally.  Fun and fiesty medical student, Gabby (Teresa Palmer) meets confirmed bachelor, Travis (Benjamin Walker) when her dog becomes pregnant supposedly through Travis' male dog.  Gabby "reams him a new one" by complaining about loud music, boisterous friends and a promiscuous dog.  The pair find themselves attracted to one another and what seems most unlikely, become involved with each even though both are in relationships with other people. The story continues to build with their marriage and the family comes along.  Life is treating them very well, until a tragic accident puts Gabby in the hospital.

Travis is confronted by Gabby's doctor (her ex, by-the-way) and her parents, asking to make the most difficult of all decisions, when to pull the plug.  A hurricane postpones "the choice" and if you want to know the rest of the story, you are going to have to see the film.

Nicholas Sparks is the producer of the film and wins my heart with beautiful and romantic cinemtography of the North and South Carolina coastlines.  Breathtakingly beautiful, the film shows us the small islands that dot the Atlantic close in to the shoreline.

There were problems with the medical concepts throughout the film, and several loose ends not tied up well for me, but this was a movie that had me in tears at the end.  Great date night flick!

Favorite Quote from the film:  Momma always said, sometimes people don't recognize opportunity because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Let me know if you go see this movie!  I'd love to hear your take on it!

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