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He Named Me Malala #withMalala

I was given an advanced copy of the television debut of He Named Me Malala to view and to promote for the February 29 show.  Between now and the debut, supporters can change their profile picture on Facebook using a custom designed animation AND with the hastag #withMalala, Twitter fans can contribute by sending out a tweet (with the hashtag) and 21st Century Fox will donate $1 for the Malala Fund. (up to $50 grand!) The show will premeier commercial free on Monday at
8PM ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel and on Nat Geo MUNDO.  It will roll out within a week to 171 countries and in 45 languages.

malala film

Please leave a comment if you are going to tweet and change your Facebook profile.  In the meanwhile, you can learn more about the film by continuing to read!

The documentary film uses an animation and real life combination platform to tell the ancient story of Malala, a young girl who encourages her people to stand and fight against marauders who come to steal their land and the current Malala (Yousafzai) who encourages girls to stand up for their right to an education.  Currently over 60 million girls are out of school, worldwide.

The film revisits the horrifying event of the Taliban shooting Malala and her friends, Malala's move to England, her therapy, her thoughts of how her life has changed, with charming snippets of conversation with her brothers.  While her father has a significant part in the film, we rarely see her mother.

The film is highly engaging and deeply moving, from Malala's charming young girl feelings for popular cricket stars to her powerful words, "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world."

The film was created by Academy Award winning filmmaker, Davis Guggenheim (An Incovenient Truth, Waiting for Superman) and he delivers an intimate portrait of a young girl thrown into the world's line of sight at the age of 15.

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