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Dirty Root Beer~Secret Recipe Club Reveal

The Secret Recipe Club is a great group of bloggers who like a challenge.  The challenge is this:  each month we are given an assignment to find a recipe in a specific blog, make it, and write about it.  This month, I was give the blog Burnt Apple.  The recipes there are so much fun!   Traci writes that she feeds three children and a husband, all with special dietary conditions, and has a special BURNT section on her blog.  I love it.

When I was looking through, I had a plan in mind, I was looking for a cheesecake because that is what I needed to make for my PEO Book Club that was coming up.  No cheesecakes to be found, but I did find this Skillet Brownie and these Whole Wheat Carrot Cake Waffles that my son-in-law would love!  But when I found this recipe for Dirty Root Beer, I knew I had a winner.

Some of you know or might remember, that I was a carhop at an A & W Root Beer stand in my home town.  This was my high school job and I really loved it!

So never having heard of Dirty Root Beer before, I had to look it up.  Evidently it is root beer with a shot of tequila.  Yikes!   So now I had to try two drinks!  First up, the Dirty Root Beer.

Next, the Nonalcoholic Dirty Root Beer.  I have to admit, this is more to my liking.  Who doesn't love root beer and ice cream?  The additional vanilla is awesome, too.  Really smooths out the root beer, even A & W.

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