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True/False Film Fest

The True False Film Festival has been a part of the Columbia (MO) scene since 2003.  It's been a part of our live since about 2005.  Bob was the first to figure it out and went a few years on his own, before he convinced me that yes, this is something you want to be a part of.  From that time on, T/F has been an annual Steffes family holiday!

This year Ashley and Eric joined us again, and while we did share a few films, we did have many apart.  Our list was long (18 films) and diverse and even the ones we didn't like sparked conversations that lasted well into the wee hours of the morning.

Bob and I had a few favorites together.  We loved (and recommend on your favorite movie channel) The Fear of 13, Sonita, Jim: the James Foley Story, Sherpa, and the Music of Strangers.  We saw some strange ones that made us talk:  Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John, and Peter and the Farm.  One that made us angry (won't discuss that one here) and one that was so very sad: Thy Father's Chair.  Then we heard of ones we will be looking for on Netflix:  Bad Kids, Weiner, and Life, Animated.

We had our usual rounds of Kaldi's coffee, ate at Glenn's and this year, stayed at a new location: The Hampton Inn and Suites.  Breakfast, of course, was Cafe Berlin.  We tried a new place that was really good, West Main Pizza.  Great pizza, flatbread shape.  

It was fun to have so much art to admire while waiting in various lines.  True/False embraces all kinds of art and artists.  From the buskers who perform before the films, to the sculptures guiding our lines, to wall art depicting scenes from the films, there is something for everyone!

Already planning next year's event.  If you haven't been, consider it.  Great fun, uplifting to see all the talent in the world, fun to catch up with friends!

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