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Top Ten Peeps Treats for Easter

I love Peeps and must have them at Easter, even if it means going through sugar withdrawals afterwards.  Everyone knows how bad sugar withdrawals are, right?  So they must be wonderful!  I like to have a peep swimming in my hot chocolate and another way, which will be the last item on the list on this post!

These are some of the most creative use of Peeps that I have ever seen!  Enjoy, then pick one to try for your kids at Easter.  They will thank you for it.

1.  Peeps Swimming in Jello
 2.  Peeps in the garden

3.  Drag Racing Peeps

4.  Peeps as a garnish

5.  Skateboarding Peeps

 6.  Peep Houses

7. Peeps Popcorn

8. Peeps Sushi

9.  Peeps Pancakes (you might not want your kids to see the preparation part)

 10.  And my personal favorite, made right here in my own home, is the Peep S'More.  A classic at Easter.

Be sure and visit these other bloggers for their Easter ideas!  There's something for everyone!

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