#HummusMadeEasy ~a Gathering of Friends

This is a sponsored post, in otherwords, I was paid to promote this product.  All opinions are strickly my own.

We love to entertain.  We always have.  If you've read this blog long enough (we started at the end of 2005) you will know that to be true.  So when I had the opportunity to host a party with the Hummus Made Easy product, you can probably see us saying yes! very enthusiastically!

Bush Brother's has developed a new product that has really taken off.  It's called Hummus Made Easy and it is!  A can of beans and the pouch of product, blended together, and you're done!  There are three flavors:  classic, red pepper and southwestern.  All are delicious and the options for creativity are endless!  I found my product at my local Walmart store, near the canned beans.

Since we have moved to St. Charles, we haven't entertained like we used to in Jefferson City.  For one, we are still making friends (I think this time it has been easier for Bob than for me) and our house, while very open, is small.  We are figuring this out but it has taken us some time.  Having this sponsorship made us sit down and process the whole way of entertaining in our new home.

Since the product is so easy, we wanted to invite a group over and actually have them make the product, in different types of appliances.  For example, a blender, a food processor, an immersion blender and a manual food processor.  Then, we wanted to show the versatility of the product by creating some recipes using the homemade hummus.

Plus, we know our friends.  There must be wine and cocktails.  

I decided on five recipes to showcase the product:  Hummus Deviled Eggs,  Hummus Pizza Bites, Hummus Taco Dip, and for the what??? moment, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Hummus Dip.
Five cooking stations were set up with all the ingredients and tools needed for the work,  including the serving tray for the final product.  As our guests arrived, they helped themselves to drinks and chose the recipe they wanted to make.

As cooking got underway, the conversations centered around how easy it was to make the hummus! Everyone, no matter the appliance, had an easy time making the hummus!

We carried the food to the backyard and set up our table.  The weather was absolutely perfect. The food was completely amazing!  Considering we had reluctant cooks all the way to experienced cooks, each dish was remarkable and delicious.

I'll be posting the recipes from the event all through the month of May.  I wouldn't leave you without anything, though, so here's the first of the recipes:

Hummus Deviled Eggs

by Our Good Life
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 13 minutes
Ingredients (24 halves)
  • 12 eggs, hardboiled
  • 1 pkg Hummus Made Easy
  • 1 can garbanzo beans
  • 1/4 c sliced black olives
  • sriracha sauce
Make hummus according to package directions. Slice eggs lengthwise and remove yolks. Smash yolks with a fork and stir into hummus. Spoon hummus into egg white cups. Garnish with a slice of black olive and a couple of drops of sriracha.
For additional color, sprinkle with paprika.
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Don't forget: Each week I'll post the recipes for the other hummus recipes as follows:

May 5    Taco Hummus Dip

May 12  Hummus Pizza Bites

May 18  Buffalo Hummus Dip

May 25  Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Hummus Spread

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