What's Blooming at Our Good Life

When Spring springs, everything moves so fast!  Here's what is blooming in Zone 6a in Missouri in our yard.

Zone 6 blooms

This plant, catmint, grows madly and requires some maintenance throughout the summer, but it doesn't need much care.  We planted these two years ago and they get huge.  The bees love them, and that's important right now!

bee balm

This lilac got its first blooms this year.  So far this is the only set of blooms I have seen, so I decided not to cut them to bring them inside and after the blooms are spent, I will feed this plant.  I want a big bush of blooms next year!


The butterfly garden is greening up but so far this is the only plant that has bloomed.  It's called and I love the purple flower on it.  The butterfly garden was set up last year and all the plants got eaten to the quick by the rabbits.  Bob quickly surrounded the remaining plants with wire and now the plants are growing quickly.  Once the flowers are established, I will happily share some with the rabbits.

In our herb garden, we have all colors of green!  Chives are up with purple heads, cilantro is happy and growing, thyme is doing very well, oregano has full leaves and parsley is growing fast.  I love using fresh herbs in my salad.  I don't chop them very much.  I like seeing the herb!


And last but not least, here is an update on the salad bowl.  It's growing well!  We will have lettuce to harvest in a week or so!

growing a salad bowl

For those of you who live in Missouri, here is the zone map I use.

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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