Salad Bowl Gardening

It's the time of year when we can plant spring vegetables, especially lettuce!  My husband and I made the first of our annual trips to the greenhouse and purchased the lettuces for our Salad Bowl.  Bob and I ran out of space one year for planting all the vegetables we wanted  We had an available planter so Bob filled it with soil and dubbed it "the Salad Bowl."  We love snipping our lettuce for our meal right before we eat.

lettuce bowl

This year we are experimenting outside of our usual spring lettuce and spinach.  We bought a wide variety of lettuces that sound and look so good:

Flowering Kale Red Russian (organics by Papa Joe's Naturally Grown)
Swiss Chard Bright Lights (Papa Joe's)
Simply Salad City Garden Blend (Papa Joe's)
Nancy (organics by Crown Valley Organics)
Freckles (Crown Valley)

Do you have a favorite variety?

Salad Bowl lettuce

With lettuce, there is plenty of time to plant seeds or you can use bedding plants as well.  Some of my neighbors use lettuces as part of the border of their gardens.  We have quite a bunny problem where we live, though, so I don't highly recommend that idea!  As it is, we will probably see some nibbles around the edge of our bowl!

I'd love to hear of your spring gardening adventures!  Share with me in the comment section!
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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