Travel Tips: Lake of the Ozarks

Traveling to the Lake of the Ozarks for a weekend trip was possible this year due to the fact that we also had a conference scheduled back-to-back!  Sometimes you just have to fit in travel where ever and whenever you can!

Travel Tips Lake Ozark

My husband and I spent a couple of fun spring days at the Lake of the Ozarks at a lovely hotel called Camden on the Lake Hotel, Spa and Yacht Club.  We loved the hotel.  The staff was pleasant and helpful.  The room we stayed in was fabulous.  For a slight upgrade we had a room facing the lake with a lot of amenities.

Camden view

I loved this view!  I love the water and I love to watch the boats come in.  This room had a lovely sunset view, too, but I never captured it so you'll just have to take my word on it!

The room itself was very large, with a sitting area and a kitchenette.  We could bring leftovers home and we did, keeping them cold in a compact refrigerator behind the bar.  The kitchenette had nice plates and cups and glasses, no plastic ware here!

Camden on the Lake

Camden on the Lake

Of course, we don't go anywhere that Bob hasn't fully researched the food scene.  We had some fantastic meals, too.  We highly recommend Savannah Grill.  They make all their own pickled veggies and our charcuterie tray was amazing.

If you like pizza, as we do, we are in love with the pizza at Pappos Pizzaria and Pub.  We ate there the first time for the wedding of our friends, so we wanted to go back and experience the food when it wasn't such a special occasion.  They did not disappoint!  The pizza was fabulous and, hold on to your seat, they make fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  We got six to take back to the hotel.  Only 2 made it to the room.  Those cookies were warm, decadent, chocolately, sinful and I want some now.

Pappos Cookies

Pappos Pizza

Two other food recommendations:  my favorite at the Lake: On the Rise Bakery.  Oh my goodness.  Everything there is wonderful!  We always have a hard time deciding.  This is the one place where we have breakfast apps (the beignets), our main course and then breakfast dessert (some of their pastries).  That usually means we skip lunch!  

On the Rise Hot Chocolate

The last place we want to share with you food wise, is Tucker Shuckers.  It is an oyster bar, with a lot of other outstanding selections.  Bob had the oyster po' boy which was very good, but I had the lobster grilled cheese.  Yes, I said lobster grilled cheese.  It was unbelieveable.

Tucker Shuckers Lobster Grilled Cheese

and because I wouldn't go to an oyster bar and not share their oysters...

Tucker Shucker Oysters

As for activities at the Lake, we were there still a bit out of season.  Our activities were to go to a movie, have a drink at the Dierbergs Grocery Store (don't laugh, they have an amazing view of the lake from their loft dining area!) and some shopping.  The hotel has boat, pontoon and jet ski rentals in the summer time.

And just in case you think I think everything is always peachy keeny, I will report that I had a less than satisfactory mani/pedi at the hotel.  No time for me to have them redo, which was on me.  The technician was pleasant and we had a good talk, but my mani dried out and flaked off in three days and my pedi was smeared and awful even after drying for 3 hours in my hotel room.  Yuck.

All the recommendations were based on our experiences during this trip.  I hope that they will be the same for you (except the mani/pedi part) and if you try one of these based on our recommendation, that you let us know how your experience compares.  We paid for all hotel, food and services on our own.

Next up:  Travel Tips: Branson.  Look for this post later in April!
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