Top Ten Earth Day Food Tips that Save Our Planet

On Earth Day, take a moment to evaluate your food footprint.  It is important for us to look at how we get and use our food.  Consider the following tips when planning your food for your family.

1.  Eat Locally. Last year my family took the St. Louis Food Challenge.  We will do it again this year, too!  We learned to cook using locally sourced foods and this meal, is one of the meals we made, using food grown within 50 miles of home.  This saves carbon emissions and fuel costs, too.

2.  Utilize your local Farmer's Market.  The farmers are happy to tell you what they put into the ground, how they nurture the plants, when they picked the veggies in front of you.  Can your local grocery do that?

3.  Use everything on the plant!  This recipe utilizes all parts of the radish plant that we purchased in the above photo.  Delicious and we used up all of the plants.

4.  Make items from scratch.  When you use bulk ingredients, like flour, sugar and seasonings, you are saving the environment from the waste of pre-packaging.  I do like to use my cake mixes but it is more environmentally sound to make it from scratch.  My homemade limoncello is made from fresh lemons and is stored in a jug that is recycled every time a new batch is made.

5.  Eat less meat.  Eating more vegetables is good for you!  Eating less meat has many health benefits for you, including less hormones in your diet.  This recipe is so easy and delicious!

6.  Using a slow cooker can be an energy saver for you and your body!  Slow cooking, if using an energy efficient model, saves heating an oven and, many recipes incorporate the food into two meals! These slow cooker recipes will be delicious for you and your family throughout the year.

7.  Brown bag lunches are fun, especially if you use your dinner leftovers.  This delicious Indian food was inspired by the movie, The Lunchbox.  So delicious and absolutely even better the next day!  Brown bagging saves gas (going to lunch) and uses up leftovers.

8.  Grow your own!   This salad bowl provides lettuces for my family nearly all summer long!  We use them in smoothies, on burgers, to make a small lunch salad, and as garnishes.  Kids love to go to the salad bowl and pick their greens.  It's a win win for everyone!

9.  Reduce your food waste.  According to the David Suzuki Foundation, over half of our food is wasted.  This pesto recipe is made from the tops of radishes.  Use all of the vegetable.  Be resourceful and creative!

10.  Reconsider your fast food.  Many of the foods offered at fast food restaurants can be made at home quickly as well, saving a trip to the restaurant and not to mention the money saved!  Give these homemade egg mcmuffins a try!

Try one of these tips to make a change in how your family approaches food.  Even small steps are helpful and one might lead to another.  Happy Earth Day to all!  Check out these other Earth Day posts from great bloggers!

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