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Baked Romaine Chips

While it is still pretty early to have spring produce at your fingertips, I wanted to share with you this recipe for Baked Romaine Chips as they are so good and basically good for you!  In under 10 minutes, you can have a salty treat that won't break your diet.

I'm joining the Baking Bloggers with their theme of Baking with Spring Vegetables. Romaine lettuce is a later growing spring crop, mainly because it can tolerate the heat more than other lettuces. Most gardeners plant their romaine after the spinach and chard have already made their appearances.

I love using romaine, but most people will want to cut out the thick white vein.  It doesn't crisp up much and takes away from the chip factor. Some of my family likes the contrast, so there's that.  That vein holds the bitter flavor that is associated with romaine lettuce, so removing it gives you a slightly more sweet taste.

Yield: 4

Baked Lettuce Chips

So good! The chips are fragile but delicious!
prep time: 6 Mcook time: 5 Mtotal time: 11 M


  • 1 stalk Romaine
  • 1 t cooking spray
  • 1 T Tajin seasoning


  1. Cut the lettuce into chip sized pieces
  2. Spread in an even layer on a cookie sheet
  3. Spray the leaves with the cooking spray.
  4. Sprinkle with Tajin
  5. Bake at 400 for  minutes
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  1. It never occurred to me that you could make lettuce chips. What a great, creative idea.

  2. I've made kale chips lots of times but I've never thought to make romaine chips. This is such a great idea and I can't wait to make these.

    1. Take out the white ribbing. And go light on the cooking spray!

  3. Would never have thought of doing that. I guess I'm picking up a head of Romaine so I can try this. I've have Romaine briefly braised on a grill, and that's amazing as well.

    1. Ooo, yes, grilled romaine is divine!

  4. i never would have thought about this before but def going to try to make it this weekend for something different and delicious!

  5. That sounds very interesting. I will definitely try this. I am trying to find snacks that have the crunch of a chip but not the fat and the grease of the chip.

  6. The chips look amazing and I love a good veggie idea. I will try this and need to try tajin.

  7. I would have never thought of using lettuce to make chips. But they look really tasty. I'm going to try this soon.

  8. This is genius! I have seen similar ideas but I have never seen baked romaine! With the spices I can see how this tastes quite good!

  9. Something new I haven't tried. We like romaine but never thought to bake them into chips. Something I will have to try out.

  10. I've never thought to do this! What a great idea.

  11. I've never tried baked romaine chips before. I am intrigued. I'll have to give them a try.

  12. That sounds totally interesting!

  13. Ohh now this sounds like such an interesting idea of something different to make into crisps! It amazes me the different things you can make them with now, especially the different vegetables.

  14. I've never heard of making Romaine into chips! These look really delicious! This is a great idea for a snack option.

  15. So can I grill this? I love this take on one of my favorites. Hmm now i'm thinking to even drizzle with some ceaser dressing or make that a dip
    Kita Bryant

  16. I've actually never heard of letter chips before. Looking forward to giving this recipe a try.

  17. I love this idea! My niece like crispy food like chips. I think she will love this!

  18. I've never tried to make chips from these , but they look really good and healthy. Love them!

  19. This can help encourage kids to eat their veggies! I am interested to have a bite as well but I think I prefer fresh ones.

  20. Baked romaine chips sounds delicious snacks. I haven't tried yet. May be next time I will try it. I tried making chips with kale only.

  21. I've never thought of this. Love it! Putting on our dinner menu.

  22. Such a fun treat! We already love kale chips so this will be a great alternative.

  23. Just tried this with ranch seasoning, I was craving the giant bag of ranch Doritos in my cabinet, craving is gone- and I didn’t “give in”! So glad I though to google Romaine chips! I did burn them a bit because I set it on broil for two minutes for extra crispness- good thing I like burnt things too! Will try next time with less broiling and a bigger pan!!


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