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Do Pets Show Gratitude?

I received this item free of charge from Chewy.com in exchange for my honest review.

Sometimes strange questions appear in the forefront of my brain and I can't ignore them. In thinking about Thanksgiving, I am always grateful for my two rescues, Truman and Wilson. Truman came to us first through a dog shelter and Wilson came to us through a friend. I am 100% sure that my dogs feel gratitude and this is how they show it.

1.  Wilson gives kisses freely when he is showing gratitude. Especially after giving him treats, like the ones we got from chewy.com this month.  More about those later.

2.  Truman shows gratitude by the way he insists on being close to me, regardless where I am.  If I am working at my desk, he is at my feet.  If I am sitting on the couch, he laying right beside me, full length.

3.  Both Truman and Wilson show Bob gratitude with big tail wags when he brings them home from a walk.  Both wag their tails over and over while Bob is unleashing them.  It's quite the sight, Truman's long flowy tail and Wilson's short stubby one!

4.  When I was sick and had an extended hospital stay, the nurses and doctors allowed Truman to come up to my room.  Truman does NOT allow strangers to pet him, yet he allowed everyone who came in the room to pet him that day.  It was his way of saying thank you to whomever allowed him to come and see his momma.

5.  And whether I like it or not, I believe they both are showing me gratitude when they set off to barking when they see movement in the yard, after all, that leaf might attack the person they are grateful to for food, love and shelter.

Truman and Wilson really love Grandma Lucy's Oven Baked Dog Treats.  They got a seasonal pumpkin flavor.  Warning! They look and smell like Teddy Grahams. Be sure your container is marked Pet Treats so guests don't accidently eat them!  Organic, no artificial sweeteners, color or added fats.  Just good flavor that the dogs go crazy for!  Highly recommend these delicious treats!

Do you believe that pets can show gratitude? We would love to hear your stories!

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