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The Sound of Rain #ourgoodlifebooklist

I was given this book in exchange for my honest review.

I have a formula for the books that I like the best:

1.  Beautiful, descriptive settings
2.  Characters who are people I would have as friends
3.  Food scenes that make you drool.

The Sound of Rain, by Sarah Loudin Thomas, gets a checkmark for each of my big three. 

The opening of the book hooks and reels you right in.  We are buried in a cave-in in a coal mine, with a foot right in our face.  Later, we discover that the food belongs to Judd Markley, who survives the cave-in, but Joe, his brother, doesn't.  From then, we follow Judd to South Carolina where he is trying to restart his life.  Judd is a man that would charm mothers everywhere, he's sensitive, honest, and a hard worker. He meets am an on the bus ride to South Carolina, that helps he secure employment at the Waccamaw Timber Company.  The first person he meets there is Larkin Heyward, the owner's daughter.

Larkin is the epitomy of a southern girl:  beautiful, wealthy and popular.  She also has a heart made to serve, as we see with her work at the local hospital.  She decides to leave home, without the blessing of her father, to the hills of West Virginia, where Judd is from.  She tricks Judd into taking her there and ends up getting herself, and Judd, in trouble with her father.

Larkin falls in love with the people of West Virginia, but quickly learns that she is in love with Judd and that her place is with him, wherever this might be.  

The Sound of Rain is the story of figuring out what is important, embracing our gifts and looking to God for guidance in questionable times.  The book does a fantastic job of exploring relationships, blazing a personal trail without stomping on those who only have the best in mind for you, yet want something completely different.  

I highly recommend The Sound of Rain to those who love the same things I do in a book.  You will love the wonderful visions of southern food, the lovely folks of the hills and the characters in the book who you will miss when you are done reading the book.  May I remark that I loved the cover as well?  See those raindrops?  They shimmer.

If you would like to read this book, consider using this link to purchase it.  I will get a small kickback, but the price for you doesn't change. 

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