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Friday Favorites #20

Hello, my friends!  I'm sharing lots of goodies to share with you today, and I have had a wonderful time gathering these as I think of you.  My husband is in Las Vegas, my daughter is in Indiana, so I am at home alone with the three dogs.  You know what means, don't you?

CRAFTING ALL OVER THE HOUSE!  I have several projects going all at once and I don't have to clean them up in a hurry. Those are going to sit around the house and I will get so much accomplished since I won't have to stop and clean up each time. This might have to become an annual event.

When I am not crafting, I am reading!  I have a mug of hot chocolate and a good book in my hand. I just started reading The Library Book by Susan Orlean. A teaching colleague of mine got in touch with me and said I had to read it. I made it a recommendation of my book club and they chose it!  I can't even give you a synopsis, as I have about 1/2 page done!

I feel like November is swiftly passing by! Do you feel that way, too?  I have so much to do, and then my family and I are heading to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate my 60th birthday. I cannot imagine having the time to do everything I need to do before November 16.  When we get back, on Thanksgiving night, we will wake up to start decorating for Christmas.  I'm thinking to have my annual Cookie Exchange that Saturday and then on Sunday we are driving up to my hometown to have Thanksgiving with my mom and sister. I'm already tired.

Are you playing holiday music yet? I am listening to Sirius Radio holiday channels when I am on the road.  My favorite is the Holly channel.  It's a pop music station so it plays more current selections. The link below will take you to their holiday music page.

Sirius Christmas and Holiday Music

I still in love with my Miracle Morning routine. I had to miss a day due to an emergency with my blog, and I was mad. I managed to get my Tai Chi in so I did feel good about that. I purchased this darling Apolis tote to hold my journals, some pens, the books I am reading, my November Gratitude sheet and some other things that I am doing as a part of this routine.  It is completely customizable.

Let me know your weekend plans!  I am going to finish up Christmas crafts, and make some decisions on what decorations I want to put up this year. That will put me in the frame of mind that I am staying ahead of the rush!

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