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A Howling Good Pet Gift Guide

We have two delightful pets that we like to spoil at Christmas, but I have to admit, giving ME a gift for my two dogs is just as exciting!  I love getting and giving fun gifts for our pets, do you feel the same?  Check out my favorites below!

It's been a while, so let me introduce you to my pets:  Truman, a rescued dog, is a King Charles, Bichon Friese mix called a Cavachon. He is about 12 pounds at the moment with all his extra fur.  Our second pet is a West Highland White Terrier, also a rescued pet, who is called Wilson.  These two guys are our joy!

Wilson in front of Truman.  😂

1.  Heed Dog Food

Our two guys are loving this dog food.  The word "heed" means to give careful consideration or attention to... and I think it is an appropriate name for this food.  First, this is a high-quality kibble that you add a freeze-dried topper to (mix and match toppers to the kibble) the top. At this point you can serve it, but I add about a quarter cup of warm water to the mix and my guys think they have a gourmet meal!

The food is delivered to your door, on a tailored delivery schedule.  I love that they include a Tummy Transition Guide so you can see how to transition between your current brand and Heed plus there is a Poop 101 Chart that helps you understand your pup's health.

More from Heed:

We are breaking into the pup food industry with a new digestive kibble for that pup in your life. Whether your pup is on a grain-free diet or not, Heed's kibble has an option for you and choose from a 4.5lb bag or a 10lb bag. Made from fresh meat packed with natural vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal digestive health. Blended with prebiotics derived from Chicory Root and Sugar Beet that nourish the growth of good bacteria, pup parents are sure to be feeding the best kibble to their pup.

With every purchase of kibble, Heed provides customers with one of their flavorful Human-Grade Toppers, which can also be purchased separately, providing your pup with three new and different flavor at every meal. Treat yourself and your pup with Freeze-Dried Probiotic Apple Treats in between meals keeping your pup happy and going throughout the day. Heed Foods keeps your pup healthy and longing for their next meal.

Tru and Wilson want to say thank you for the adorable scarves they are sporting in this picture!

2.  Slow Treater

It's a new pet company called Aquapaw (As Seen on Shark Tank!), and our two products, the Slow Treater and the Pet Bathing Tool.  Our Slow Treater makes it incredibly simple to entertain/distract your pet in any environment and our Pet Bathing Tool makes it easy to bathe your pet at home through being the world's first combination sprayer-scrubber and can be turned on and off by simply making a fist.

I am so excited about the Slow Treater. Wilson is a gulper and he often doesn't realize he has had a treat because he eats it so fast!  Now I mush the treat into the Slow Treater, which slows him down and satisfies him more fully.  It can be used in the bathtub as a distractor, but we like the idea of having it near his food bowl for snack time.  I can't wait until summer when we can freeze his treats for an instant cool down!

The latest adventure is Dogs 'n' Dracula: A Road Trip Through Romania.  These books are a clever way to show you an agenda through a specific country. The book is under $10 and so much fun, for both your dog lover and your favorite traveler!

Do your puppers like treats too much? Looking for a chew that can match their enthusiasm for
delicious snacks? This Monster Yak Chew from Pawstruck is the perfect long-lasting treat you’ve
been looking for!

This massive dog chew is made from 100 percent natural ingredients—a durable and healthy treat
for aggressive chewers of all sizes. This treat has no odor and no artificial ingredients and helps
remove harmful plaque and tartar, allowing your dogs to enjoy their favorite snacks while taking
care of their dental health.

5. Dog Scarves by Andrea Difiore

I found these scarves when looking for travel items and knew I wanted to place a post here as
well when I saw these delightful dog scarves! More breeds are on the way!

Boston Terrier
Jack Russell

6. Chewy.comhttps://www.chewy.com/

Our family loves Chewy.com mainly because we find it to be a reliable company with quick delivery!
 Here is a list of fun items that you might like as gifts for both YOU and your dog!

We love our pets here! What favorite pet item are ou hoping for this year?

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  1. Giving your.pets gifts is so nice and they often get ignored around the holidays. Reading them a story is also sweet and we always take our dogs when we travel

  2. Nice. I have cats and I need to pick something up for them. Usually catnip is a huge hit.

  3. This would be fun! We usually give our dog a little Christmas treat as a gift and she loves it. I love a lof these ideas so I might just do a few for our pup!

  4. I love giving gifts for pets. They ALWAYS appreciate them and never take them back to the store.

  5. Those dog scarves are absolutely amazing! I have so many dog mommies and daddies in my life and they would love them!

  6. What some amazing ideas for pets - we've always got things for our pets at Christmas, they are after all part of the family. This year sadly we don't have any to gift.

  7. Thanks for the gift ideas! My little Wookie is a Shichon and let's just say a little bit spoiled!

  8. This is a fabulous pet gift guide. We can't forget our furry children during the holiday season, that's for sure. WE have two ferrets and one hamster, we will be getting them a little something.

  9. This is a great guide for pets. I really like that scarf. I don't have any dogs, but I do have cats. I'd still put a scarf on them because they are so cute with them on.

  10. I can definitely benefit heaps from this. Got lots of friends who's into pets and been telling get something for them. Very cute options!

  11. You have some really great suggestions here. My mom could use that pet grooming tool when she bathes her dogs. She's in her 80's and could use all the help she could get.

  12. Aww, these are so cute! We have pets and love pet-themed gifts :)

  13. These are great ideas. I love the pet scarves. They are adorable!

  14. Mama Maggie's Kitchen11:09 PM

    Aww...They are sooo adorable! These are really great gift guide for our beloved fur babies.. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Those scarves are pretty. I always find a dog wearing a scarf so adorable. I may have to check it for my in-laws. They have a cute little dog.


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