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Tips On Transforming Your Attic Space

A lot of attic spaces in households tend to go unused or are often used as a place to store your junk and Christmas decor. But your attic space might have so much more potential than just a glorified storage area. Here are some tips on transforming your attic space.

Clear It Out

Firstly there’s likely to be a lot of stuff that you’ve stored up in the attic, and so it’s a good idea to clear out everything that’s in there first. That way you can figure out what it is you want to keep, get rid of or sell and then you have a blank canvas to work with. Many of us will avoid going into our attic space because it’s in a state, but the sooner you sort it out, the better. Take yourself and your partner or household up there with you and set aside a weekend to sort it out together. It’ll take less time if there are more hands-on deck.

Design The Space

Next, it’s important to figure out what space you have to work with and what you wish to do with that space. Perhaps you’d like to convert it into another bedroom or shared space to relax and have as an entertainment room. It could be an office space or a workout room. Whatever your ideas, it’s worth getting an idea of the design and you may want to request the help of an interior designer or architect who can help bring your ideas to life on the page.

Use Professionals

When you’ve decided on what you want, getting in the professional is the stage you want to tackle next. From a roofing contractor to someone who can lay down proper carpets or flooring and install walls, instead of just having exposed roofing or insulation. It’s important that you have the roofing checked, especially when transforming it into a room. You want to ensure that enough insulation and fitting are in place to reduce the likelihood of anything leaking into the ceiling from the roof itself. The roof should be sound in terms of being structurally perfect. There should be no problems with it, and when you’ve got professionals in, you know that it’ll be in safe hands.

Install Windows For Light

And when you’ve started laying down these foundations with the builders and other professionals, why not install some windows for lighting. Artificial light can only provide and mimic so much, and there’s really nothing like having a skylight window in your attic space. This can be great for making the space feel less like an attic and more like an actual room in the home. Think about how many you’ll need to install and to get the right blinds for it also.

Transforming your attic space is a great way to utilize what can usually be wasted space, and it can also add value to your home if you make it into another bedroom or reception space. So if you have the budget, do it!

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