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It's the Little Things

It's such a cliché, that it's the little things that mean a lot but when you and your significant other have been in a relationship for years upon years, you can start to take this all for granted. And after a while, those little things may not seem so important. But we have to remember that it is those little things that will go a long way. When we start dating someone, we put in all of the effort, and after a while, we gradually start to relax, and the honeymoon period subsides. But we have to remember that while it's about keeping the spark alive, that it's those little things in our day-to-day lives that can mean a lot. What are those little things?

That Little Thing They've Wanted For A While

Yes, we all know the importance of a thoughtful gift, but we can tell ourselves that money is just not feasible right now. But it's always worth having a keen eye for bargains. Even if your significant other likes a seemingly expensive item, like a watch, there are numerous used Rolex watches available. And when something like money becomes a big issue it's these little statements that can mean a lot.

Those Tokens Of Affection

Maybe once upon a time, you were baking cakes every weekend, but after a while, other things took priority. And it's things like food that can transport us back to a simpler time. Little tokens of affection, whether it is food or flowers, can easily lift the mood. And we can very easily neglect these little tokens of affection, especially if we used to give them all the time. But when we give those little gifts, we have to remember that it's not about paying lip service to the idea of being affectionate, but if we know that it's a certain flower that they have not seen for a while, or they need that little pick-me-up, those small items of affection mean so much.

Spending Time With Their Friends

Perhaps you cannot bear the idea of hanging around with your significant other’s friends, and maybe it's just a case that you are like chalk and cheese but spending time with their friends, or socializing in a big group can mean a lot. We can get so stubborn when we don't like someone, that we feel that because they're not any benefit to us that we just ignore them. But what does this say to your partner? Spending time with their friends is nothing too taxing, especially if you hold an event. And besides, if you get over yourself and take the opportunity to spend 30 minutes with them, and not making excuses, it can make all the difference.

Do You Tell Them You Care?

Little, obvious, and completely understated. Do you actually tell them that you care? After a while, we begin to become so accustomed to the other person that we could very easily use the excuse that they know we care about them. But those three simple words can mean so much, especially during tough times.

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