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Eco-Conscious Movers: These Tips Will Help Make Your Move More Sustainable

We’re finally reaching an unavoidable observation… that the choices we make as consumers can have a dramatic impact on the planet that we all share. In the era where documentaries like Cowspiracy or A Plastic Ocean have shone a spotlight on the effects of our dependence on animal agriculture and single use plastics on the environment. No longer can we assume that safeguarding the safety of our ecosystem is someone else’s responsibility. Sure, the little changes that we make as individuals might not make as much of a difference as, say, reforms to Chinese industry. But if enough of us pull together and rethink the sustainability if every consumer choice we make, each and every one of us can make a real difference. 

Use a local mover

Not just good for the environment but good for the local economy, there are a number of benefits to using local movers rather than choosing one of the bigger names on the basis of name recognition alone. For starters, they’re closer to you and are therefore likely to use less fuel and produce fewer emissions throughout the move. They’re also likely to provide a more comprehensive and personal service. And don’t be too surprised if they cost a great deal less, too.

Get cooking

Take a look at all that food in your refrigerator and freezer. Are you going to take it with you? If so you could add more weight to your move (you’d be surprised how quickly it all adds up) and result in greater fuel use. Make sure you cook as much that’s in your stores as possible prior to moving and donate whatever you can’t get around to eating to a local charity.

Get generous with the stuff you probably won’t be needing

Another way to reduce the carbon footprint of your move is to carry out an audit of books, DVDs, clothes, toys and other items which in all honesty, you probably wouldn’t use if you took with you.

Buzzmove estimates that the CO2 footprint of its removal companies combined is around 72 tons a year. Roughly the equivalent of 342 double-decker buses. Jettisoning the things you won’t be using if you take with you can reduce the size of the removals truck you need, how many journeys you’ll need to make and how much fuel the move will require.

Plus, it’ll be used to make money for a worthy cause if you give it away to charity and will help to make your new home clutter free.

Cut down on packing cases

Cardboard packing cases are designed to be reused… but very rarely are. And all too often they’re thrown out or recycled. And, as any environmentalist will tell you, repurposing trumps recycling every time!

See if you can source used packing cases from friends or neighbors or get creative by asking local stores to donate their used packaging to help you with your move.

In moving house, as in all things, the little changes you make can add up to make a big difference.

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