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New Year's Eve Cocktails

Celebrate the new year with a sparkling cocktail! Prepare your toast and get ready to ring in 2020.
From classic cocktails like a lemon drop martini to Moscow mules, there is something for everyone
on this list. Serve a batch of martinis to start the night off and finish off with a special resolution
cocktail. It’s #18 on this list - you won’t want to miss it!

Are you ready for the new decade? Will 2020 be a special time for you?  I am looking forward to this, it is the time where I need to complete my bucket lists as I will be 70 in 2028. That doesn't seem possible to me. Not. at. all.  I want to really focus on what I want my life to be and how I want to live it. I do believe fully in good living, so I need to figure out what that means to me and get it done.

The Best New Year’s Eve Cocktails

  •         What is your favorite cocktail to celebrate New Year’s Eve with?

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