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7 Simple Tips For A Cozier Living Room

As the current pandemic continues, staying home is the new normal. When you’re spending more time indoors chilling, you’ll want to get your living room looking and feeling cozy. There are plenty of simple ways that you can improve the comfort of your living room space.

1. Big Floor Cushions

Creating a cozy living room is all about maximizing every space for comfort, from ceiling to the floor! To give your floor space a nice cozy feel, try using big floor cushions. These look amazing in a living room, and they can be used for both decoration purposes and to sit on. These are particularly useful when you’re gathering around a board game or similar group activity on the floor.

2. Fluffy Rugs

No cozy living room is quite complete without a fluffy rug or two. Woolen rugs can be a great choice; these are durable, easy to clean and super soft. When you are choosing a rug for your living room, ensure that you are mindful of how much space you have. In a small room, a large rug can feel a little overbearing. With a small space, it’s best to use a mid-sized and circular shaped rug.

3. Layer Materials 

Creating a comfortable and relaxing space is all about using layers. Use multiple cushions, throws and blankets for your sofa, plus tablecloths and rugs. When you layer your fabrics, the room will have an inviting and comfortable feel. The idea is that the room should look like you could make yourself comfortable no matter where you sat. Make sure that you declutter your living room before you add anything new.

4. Deep Sofas

Deep sofas are just what you want to create a luxurious space. With deep sofas, you can get perfectly comfortable, whether you’re sitting reading a book, or laying down to watch a movie. Corner sofas are really trending this year, these look elegant and allow you more space when you are relaxing.

5. Candles

To create a welcoming living room, candles are a real must-have. Choose scents that you find homely and comforting. You can get candles in some pretty niche scents these days from ‘vanilla cupcake’ to ‘ merry marshmallow’! If you prefer something more classic, try scents like ‘fresh linen’ or lavender. Candles made from soy or vegetable wax are a greener and healthier alternative to traditional candles.

6. Warm Color Schemes

To create a warm and inviting room, you should paint with warm colors. This year, it’s all about shades of yellow. The color yellow is often linked with both creativity and happiness. You might not want to paint your entire living room yellow, so why not try one just one feature wall? With a burst of warm color, your living space will feel that little bit more relaxing.

7 .Cozy Clothes 

Okay, so not a change to the living room specifically, but if you want to fully enjoy your living room, you need some real cozy clothes! Think Ugg boots or Ugg slippers, soft pajamas, comfy loungewear or stylish dressing gowns? Since we’ve all got to stay home right now, it’s the perfect time to get cozy with the right clothes for those chill times.

Using these eight simple tips, you’ll be super snug in no time at all. With such a cozy living room, staying home in your new trendy PJs won’t be such a bore!

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