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The Fix Is In: How To Create An Expensive-Looking Home Fast

While some of us like the shabby chic look, most of us would live in a luxury home if we could afford it. The problem is that that sort of lifestyle remains irritatingly out of reach.

Or is it?

It turns out that making your property look more expensive is actually much easier than you think. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on luxury fittings and artwork. Upgrading your home with some fresh updates is surprisingly simple. All you need to do is understand the difference between expensive products, and those that look expensive.

Here’s what to do.

Place Recessed Lighting Around Your Home

Many companies and architects use recessed lighting to create a luxury feel in their interior designs. And it works. But when you think about it, there’s no fundamental reason why this technique has to be expensive. It’s just lights positioned at an angle so that you can’t see the source.
Recessed lighting looks great in practically any setting. It removes the harshness of the bulb and creates a beautiful ambiance every time you enter a room. It provides a radically different feel that spotlights. Think less showroom and more cozy living room.

Add Wall Accents

Wall accents are a popular choice in luxury homes. You’ll often enter a room to find three white-paint walls and then one covered in wallpaper, stonework, or murals.
Accent walls are great from a stylistic perspective, but they’re also affordable. Fundamentally, it doesn’t matter how much the wall covering costs - just so long as it’s there.
Creating a luxury feel, though, usually involves doing a little more than just painting one wall a different color. One idea is to cover the wall with black wallpaper, with gold embellishments. This style will automatically create a luxe feel.

Another idea is to cover it in three-dimensional stonework. You want a covering that protrudes from the wall, creating a sense of texture - something that luxury interiors do well.

Finally, you could opt to tile it or transform it into a mural. But, be careful: finding an inexpensive substitute here is difficult.

Transform Your Roof

Standard roofs are great for keeping the rain out of your attic, but they do very little to make your home look more luxurious. New roofs, however, are the hallmark of a beautiful property.
Next time you browse high-class homes, take a look at their choice of roofing materials. You’ll often find that they opt for slate tiles and clean appearances, just to stand out from their neighbors.
As Hometown Roofing ATX points out, transforming your property in this way is actually far less expensive than you might imagine. You don’t have to embellish your roofline with gold leaf. Just changing the style of your materials can make all the difference, as viewed from the road.

Create A Winding Path To Your Front Door

While a straight path to your door is the norm, winding paths add a sense of mystique and intrigue, especially when combined with smart landscaping.

What’s more, there’s no fundamental reason why a curved path should cost any more than a straight one. You just buy slightly different paving stones.

Add Faux Gold Wherever You Can

Faux gold is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use to make a home appear more luxurious. People naturally associate the color with opulence and fortune, so use it liberally.

Start by placing things like gold vases on tabletops and window sills. Then add gold to light fittings, stairwells, and wall dressings. Remember, you don’t need to use gold or gold leaf. Fake gold alternatives can create a similarly powerful effect.

Remove The Clutter

No luxury home in the world is full of clutter. Instead, designers find places to pack everything away neatly and tidily. So if you want to recreate the effect, you want your home to do the same. Ban

Remember, storage spaces can become a part of your interiors. Designer wall cupboards in the lounge and dining room, for instance, can provide you with the additional space that you need. You can also dramatically expand your storage by putting down boards in your loft or buying a garden bunker.
The other option is to simply grab a bunch of bin liners and fill them with all the stuff you no longer need. Only you can make a judgment on that.

Create A Gallery Wall

Rich, successful, and famous people love their gallery walls, most of which display their achievements. The good news, though, is that you can still create a gallery wall of your own, even if the only award you ever won in your life was your 25-meter swimming badge.

Gallery walls create a big impression when you first view them, especially if you break them up with wall covering of different sizes and shapes. Typically, it is more the pattern of wall objects that create the visual impact, not the content of the display itself. So it doesn’t actually matter if you never won an Academy Award. You could put up pictures of your pets, and it would still have the same effect stylistically. Good to know.

Put Molding Wherever You Can

Molding isn’t expensive, but it can have a massive visual effect on your rooms., immediately making them appear way more luxurious, practically overnight.
A lot of modern luxury homes put molding around the ceiling, but you can also use it to great effect on the walls. In fact, putting it on walls is probably a better idea if you want to create a visual impact.

Invest In Bathroom Hardware

Renovating a bathroom and turning it into something more luxurious is, frankly, a very expensive job. But that doesn’t mean that you’re out of options.
Currently, there’s a trend towards people forgoing the wholesale restyle and investing in fittings and fixtures instead.
You have all kinds of options in this department. Door pulls, towel rails, and even showerheads - there are more luxe versions of all of them. Guests will immediately react to them when they see them.

Get Rid Of Tired-Looking Light Covers

Nothing makes a home look more mundane than cheap light coverings. And with the wealth of styles and options out there, you wonder why anybody still bothers with them. There are so many attractive yet affordable embellishments out there; you’re spoilt for choice.

Of course, swapping out your light fittings is only one part of the story of making your lighting look better. You can also try other things that interior designers do, like allowing them to hang lower from the ceiling. This style is ideal for intimate spaces, especially above the dining room table, helping to create a cozier atmosphere. Hang them low enough to create the visual effect that you want, but not so low that they get in the way while you’re trying to eat.

Fake Your Built-In Cupboards

Cupboards built into the shape of your walls are all the rage right now in high-end homes. People want them to keep all their stuff out of the way in a form that doesn’t interrupt the interior flow.

Custom-made storage solutions, however, are notoriously expensive. You’re often paying thousands of dollars for a single solution. Now, though, many people are using what are being called “fake built-ins.” These essentially look like regular built-ins but create the effect by covering as much of the wall space as possible. The result is similar, even if the actual build isn’t.

Faking cupboards is easy, so long as you have the right vision and DIY skills. You may need to buy several shelving units and then join them together to cover a single wall.

Make More Use Of Neutrals

High-end homes feature a lot of embellishments, but when you look at them more closely, you see that they also make heavy use of neutrals. They’re not necessarily bold, and certainly not vulgar. Instead, they attempt to keep things clean and tidy, creating a sense of calmness to go alongside the opulence.

Neutrals, therefore, should be a staple in your home. You’ll notice that once you have the baseline in place, it becomes easier to add elements here and there, which help to add style and sophistication.

Neutral palettes tend to look a bit boring when you consider them in isolation. But when you add them to a room, they suddenly come alive, delivering both texture and contrast. If you’re worried about a lack of visual interest, you can always add extra elements later on. Getting the basics right will provide you with a foundation to create an exceptional home.

Crafting expensive interiors used to be the preserve of the rich, but with modern manufacturing, it is something we can all enjoy. How luxurious your home looks on the interior is now more a matter of personal choice than anything else. It’s up to you how far you want to take it. With these tips, these fundamentally nothing stands in your way. You don’t have to spend years saving all your money.

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