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The Best Burgers from the Blog

Memorial Day is coming and I am dearly hoping that the quarantine has been lifted enough to enjoy a few people over for an old-fashioned Memorial Day BBQ.  While I am dreaming and planning for this needed holiday, I am going through the blog to find our favorite burgers. I hope you find one that you want to try!

Marinated Burgers

We love basting our basic hamburger patty with this marinade. It gets the meat extra juicy and the added flavor, with the carmelizing on the grill, is very special.  Click the title to get the recipe!

Pulled Pork Burgers

We make this burger with a little help from our local friends, SugarFire BBQ.  We purchase a pound of their delicious pulled pork to pile up on a handmade burger.  It helps with the timing and it is so good.

The Ultimate Taco Burger

This is a copycat burger from a favorite local hamburger joint. It isn't even close, but when we want the taste of the taco burger, we make this and wish for the other.  Ha!  

Roasted Garlic Burgers

I make these Roasted Garlic Burgers in the oven and serve them in the fall, but there is no reason why you couldn't have them any time you wanted. 

Portobello Burgers

We have a number of vegetarians friends and so we like to have at least one offering for them when they come to dinner.  We love them too, and always make extra for lunches.

Are you hungry yet?  I am and it is about time for me to go and make dinner.  We are making Jalapeno Popper Burgers!  Be sure to stay tuned for that delicious burger soon!

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  1. Yum, I'd love to try all of these. I love burgers and they all look incredible. I'd start with the taco one!

  2. Ooh, I've never seen a taco burger. That sounds incredible. My husband or my dad are usually my go to people for burger chefs. They do a great job!

  3. The pulled pork burger sounds right up my street, I have to admit there is nothing quite like a good burger and fries soemtimes.

  4. Pulled pork is hands down my favourite! Great roundup of droolworthy burgers

  5. We love portabella mushroom burgers, but none of our grocery stores have portabella mushrooms since the stay home order started.

  6. Those all sound interesting. We are vegetarian, so I love the portabella burger idea. But I think it is creative to mix in a lot of different elements.

  7. I can't resist to these burgers. They all look so mouthwatering!

  8. Really enjoyed your blog, definitely going to give these recipes a try! Your post reminded me of when I was in Denmark, Vejle to be exact. There, I had a burger from Brōed & Bōef, and oh my, I've never forgotten that taste. Honestly, it was the best burger I've ever had. Keep up the great work with your recipes!


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