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Adding More Style To Your Home In 2020

If you are looking to add some serious style to your home in 2020, we have some tips to help you...

Upgrade your dining chairs

Deciding on what dining chairs to purchase for your home can be difficult considering there are many beautiful options to select from. Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to create a relaxed look or a formal look. If the former applies, look for low backed chairs. Not only are they more cosy and relaxed, but they are more suitable for children too.

High backed chairs are more formal. They can create a striking look, but you do need to bear in mind that this type of home furniture will take up more space visually. Thus, if you have a small room and you want to make the space appear bigger, try to find something with a low back. There are still low backed chairs with intricate and fancy designs, which can help to create that formal appearance.

Do you want to create a contemporary feel in your dining room? If so, moulded plastic chairs are ideal. Metal chairs look good in industrial style dining areas while wood chairs are, of course, a must for traditional, rustic style dining rooms. Rattan dining chairs can also look exceptional in such a dining area. Remember, the chairs you select will impact the mood of the room, so keep this in mind too.

Take inspiration from Baumhaus Urban Chic 

Baumhaus Urban Chic is a one-of-a-kind furniture collection. You will struggle to find anything like this on the high street. If you want to decorate a room in your home with a fantastic urban edge, you should definitely turn to this home furniture range. You don’t need to purchase from it; you can take inspiration from it. Look for similar pieces, for example.

What makes this Baumhaus furniture collection so unique is that fact that it has been manufactured with the use of reclaimed wood that has been salvaged from older buildings in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan Southern India. All of the wood that has been used is anywhere from 50 to 150 years old. Thus, you can be sure of something that looks unique and has an unusual story too. You may even create your own pieces to replicate this style. You can use the old wood for a character piece, such as a bookshelf, and then you can add modern elements, like looking for the best bookshelf speakers to ensure your home is up-to-date and you have all of the contemporary entertainment options.

The range itself is interesting and colourful, with expert craftsmen using their advanced skills to put it together. All of the pieces of furniture in this assortment have been hand finished with a unique blend of reclaimed timbers. This means that every single furniture piece is one hundred per cent unique. To enhance the urban element, and to ensure exceptional structural rigidity, a steel outer frame has been used in all furniture items. A resilient satin lacquer is then used to finish the wood. While this ensures it is hardwearing, it also emphasises the timber’s character and colour too, productizing phenomenal results.

Metal bed frames are in

For a very long time now wooden bed frames have largely been considered the most popular option out of all the material bed frames available. And to be honest, it is really not hard to see why. Wooden bed frames have a traditional and rustic feel about them that adds an authentic element to any bedroom. Nevertheless, it seems that bed frames made out of wood have well and truly been knocked off of the top spot. But who has replaced it?

The answer to that question is not hard to figure out. Metal bed frames have become exceedingly popular and seem to be the most sought after type of frame in the country at the moment. Whilst wooden frames have their advantages, so do metal, and therefore, it is not surprising that they have become such a popular option.

Metal bed frames are the most cost-effective of all the bed frames. Considering the cheap price of a metal bed frame the quality that comes with it is startling. Metal bed frames are extremely sturdy and durable, this long life span means that the bed frame is even more of a value for money product then may have initially been imagined.

A final point worth considering is that metal bed frames are extremely modern and stylish and so they can add a fashionable vibe to any bedroom. Furthermore, they come in a whole host of different designs and styles, meaning that there is almost certainly something to suit everybody, no matter their taste.

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  1. I need to do some of these! There are spots in the house that look rather blah at the moment. I have been wanting to upgrade my dining room chairs! The ones we have are stained thanks to the kids.

  2. Great ideas to freshen up an old living space. These ideas are all so good I don't know which to choose, maybe new chairs for the dining room.

  3. These are all really great ideas. I've been doing a lot of that these days.

  4. We need some new furniture for sure! These are some helpful tips! I think dining chairs and maybe a new rug is a great place to start.

  5. You are giving me so many ideas, since now I have so much time we are doing deep cleaning and want to redecorate. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the great ideas. I have a couple of rooms I really need to do something with.

  7. When we redid our guest bed, I bought a metal bed and I love the way it looks! We also inherited an antique wooden bed for another room, and although it is very striking, I think it is too big for the room. I hope to replace it soon.

  8. I think it's the right moment to do some changes in my home decor. It will be good for everyone!

  9. These are some lovely ideas, I love the idea of a metal framed bed I could definitely see that working in my home!

  10. I would love to update my living space. I barely feel like a grown up because our stuff is nearly 100% hand me down.

  11. I love the ideas especially now we have so much time to spend to organize home and clean. Thanks for the tips!

  12. These are wonderful idea, we haven't started working on our home. May be later as kids are here life is taking another routine.

  13. Wonderful ideas. I will do some home decoration later this year. Will look for your tips definitely.


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