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A Beginner's Guide to Amontillado and Spanish Tapas #WorldWineTravel

 #WorldWineTravel is offering another wonderful wine from Spain this month which is wines from Andalusia. I have decided to talk about Lustau Los Arcos, an Amontillado sherry that is so very delicious.  To learn more about Andalusia wines, visit our host Martin from ENOFYLZ Wine Blog as he discusses the history and more of the area here.

First things first:  not all sherries are sweet.  It's not an old person's drink.

Now we can talk.  

How do you get an Amontillado sherry?  It is what happens to a Fino or Manzanilla when it continues to age. After the flor dies off, it interacts with oxygen and creates a nutty character that is just delicious.  It reminds me a bit of salted caramel.  I chose a Lustau Los Arcos Amontillado.  It has this wonderfully unique copper color, with a nut-bread character.  

Our pairing was traditional Spanish tapa ingredients of Manchego cheese, Iberico ham, Marcona almonds, and quince paste.  Manchego cheese is an uncooked cheese produced from Manchego sheep in the La Mancha area of Spain.  It has a hard rind with a distinctive herringbone pattern if it was molded in traditional grass molds.  It is firm but flaky, with a nutty taste. We buy ours from Aldi and it is delicious. Iberico ham is from Spain.  It is the Jamon Iberico pig which is fed on acorns only.  We ate enough Iberico ham to feed a small country when we were in Spain.  

Did you know that sherry wineries are called bodegas?  I didn't, and now I want to go and some to visit. I have heard the term but I didn't know what it meant!  

Quince paste (membrillo) is made from the quince fruit. It is a jelly-like substance that can be spread on bread or crackers.  We love it on our tapas trays as it also adds a texture unlike the rest of the food and its sweet taste. I love it with a bit of Manchego cheese and Iberico ham on a cracker.  Delicioso!

Check out the year's worth of articles from Our Good Life.  It has been great fun to share our adventures in Spain with you this whole year!

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  1. A wonderful tapas board and I love your opening statement.

  2. Delicioso is right, Terri! I can't wait to get some more manchego and quince. Yum.

  3. I've had the Los Arcos Amontillado many times. I think it's a wonderful wine and I bet it was a fine partner to your tapas. I miss Iberico Ham!

  4. I haven't had this Amontillado yet, sounds warming and tasty... salted caramel and nutty-bread. Reminds me of a spread I see around the holidays. Yes please!

  5. I love Amontillado and this is a lovely one. I'd love to sit down with a glass and tapas plate with jamon right now!

  6. I loved your opening advice - "First things first: not all sherries are sweet. It's not an old person's drink. Now we can talk." So true, and still it made me laugh. Well done!


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