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Chemo Care Basket #PinterestChallenge

 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and since I am a 12-year breast cancer survivor, I like to do a post each year to support my fellow sisters who are going through treatment or the aftermath of a diagnosis. Those words, "You have breast cancer," still play through my mind every year and even though the shock has worn off, the power of those words remains.  

Grey felt basket full of items for cancer care

Every month a fun group of bloggers participates in a Pinterest Challenge. Each month the challenge changes but the premise stays the same: take a pin you have pinned and give it life!  It seemed appropriate to give this pin life during October.  Thank you,  Totally Tailgates for the inspiration!  You can find the pin here.

Here are this month's Pinterest Challenge bloggers, where you will find amazing gift basket ideas!

We are hosted by the wonderful Alexandria of On Rockwood Lane!  Check her blog out!

The items in this basket are similar items to what I was given during my own double mastectomy recovery or items that I have found that I have included or given to friends during their journeys.  Either way, you'll find tried and true items here.

I got this felt basket from Mollie Ollie and I use it every day.  They now come in a cool teal, but I think we need to rally her to make a pink one.  Let's head over to her Instagram and beg for it!  Tell here I sent you!

I love these sweet treats (but not sugary at all!) from Smart Sweets.  I discovered them a couple of months ago and I love them so much.  These 90 calorie fiber bars come from Aldi.  I eat a couple of them every day and since they are from Aldi, I can afford to do so!  These are perfect munchies during chemo or just when you need a little something.

I would get very dry skin and the only thing that helped was this diabetics cream from Gold Bond. I found it at my local Walgreens. I still use it as it is very effective.  For nerve pain, I recently discovered Capsiva which is very effective.  I purchase it here:  https://capsiva.com/

I love to spend time writing.  Journaling helped me so very much during this time. I kept several journals, one for gratitude for what I had, one for complaints that no one saw but helped me to write down, and one for what I wanted to accomplish after cancer. I found these cuties at Hobby Lobby in the dollar bins.  

These books were written by a friend of mine and fellow breast cancer survivor, Nicole Czarnomski, who gifted them to me after she wrote them.  I found her journey very inspiring and I love that she has included a journal as well.  You can purchase them on Amazon here.  Please note, this is an Amazon affiliate link, meaning if you purchase this from me, I will make a small commission!

A girl has got to look good along the way!  My dear friend Susan sells ColorStreet but she also is a true breast cancer advocate.  Her journey with her best friend, Michelle, shows us all how and what support truly looks like.  You can purchase ColorStreet through Susan here.

A comforter, afghan, prayer shawl... any of these provide such warm feelings of hope and love. I was so fortunate to have friends make me these for my cancer journey.  I'll be forever grateful to my friends Charlotte Dudenhoeffer for my fleece blanket, Myra Dewit for the prayer shawl, Bethany Baptist Church in Marceline for the crocheted blanket, and Jenny Matlock for her Zippy Strippy Quilt.

Let me know if you have given a Cancer Care Basket and what you put in yours!  


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  1. Fortunately, I've never had to give or receive a cancer care basket, but I think it's a kind and loving idea.

  2. Congratulations on your twelve years cancer free, Terri! This is such a thoughtful gift for anyone going through cancer treatment. You know exactly what is needed. Thank goodness for friends like the ones you have! May you remain cancer free forever! Blessings!

  3. Congratulations on being a breast cancer survivor, Terri. No one knows better than you how much this gift basket would be appreciated!

  4. What a fantastic idea. I will keep this in mind for sure. You have some great things in the basket.

  5. This is such a thoughtful and well meaning gift basket - Journaling is a wonderful distraction and something to look back to and read in years to come - and pampering is also so important. I think you have covered it all - wishing you well with all you have been through!

  6. You are so thoughtful.. I like to surprise my neighbors occasionally with flowers (from my garden when it is blooming) and small purchased bouquets when I need to if they are having a bad day, week, etc. It takes so little time, but is more than worth the effort! I hope we can all pass on such traditions...
    Thanks for the inspiration to do so!

  7. What a sweet and thoughtful gesture! I put something similar together for a friend who was going through chemo. It really is appreciated.

  8. This is an awesome idea. I need to do something similar to this for my friend's husband.

  9. I think this is one of the best and kind gift to give for a friend. Thank you!

  10. It sounds like you know what would be good to gift in a care basket. Congratulations of being cancer free for 12 years x

  11. Richelle Escat8:43 AM

    The gray color looks great too, but yes, it's better if it has a different choice of color.

  12. Congratulations on being cancer free for years. Thank you for this idea of care basket.

  13. My sister is experiencing nerve pain from her accident. I will have to now more about the Capsiva.

  14. This is such a perfect basket. I know it will help make someone feel cared for and good.

  15. This is so nice! Glad I came over this and got an idea too. A very thoughtful gesture indeed.

  16. I am so happy to hear you're doing well now. This is such a thoughtful basket. I like the suggestions of things actually wanted.



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