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Is Your Home Prepared for Retirement?

 Everybody knows how important it is to sort your finances out in time for retirement, but what about your home? We don't always think about the changes that need to be made to our homes as we get older but it's vital that we do. There are a lot of adjustments you need to make as your lifestyle changes so you can keep your home safe and stay on top of maintenance. If you are starting to think about your retirement plans, here's how you can make sure that your house is ready.

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Adding A Stair Lift

It might sound drastic but installing a stair lift is one of the most important changes you can make to your house. You won't be able to get up and down the stairs safely without one, as you get older, so it's worth considering one now. It's easier to deal with stair lift installation now, while you are still active instead of waiting until you can't get around the house anymore. It's also easier to manage the cost before you retire. 

Consider Moving Your Bedroom

As you get older, it's no longer practical to sleep upstairs if you can help it. A bedroom on the ground floor is much safer and more convenient. If your stairs are steep or narrow then they could be dangerous if you try to navigate them in the dark when you get up for a bathroom break during the night. Even if you have a stair lift, you should still try to limit the amount of time you spend moving up and down the stairs. 

Sort Your Garden Out

If you haven't paid much attention to your garden in the past, it's time you did. You may need to make some major changes that will help you to keep on top of maintenance in the future. If you have a pond or natural water feature then it's probably not safe for an aging adult who is unsteady on their feet. Think about building a patio area instead so that you can enjoy the view with ease. Focus on designing a garden that you love, but consider how easy it is to maintain too. When you are picking plants, always go for options that don't require much input from you. That way, you can have a beautiful garden without too much hard work. 

Rethink Your Kitchen Layout

If you have an outdated kitchen, now is the perfect time to think about changing it. You might not want to move out of your family home but you can still do something about the layout. You could install a breakfast bar area or rearrange the cupboards so that everything is more easily accessible for you. Safety is key as you get older, so make sure that you can open your kitchen units and use the space easily without over exerting yourself. 

The earlier you start thinking about making these changes to your home, the easier it will be. The last thing you want is to be rushing to do big renovations on your home when you get older. 

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