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The Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Ideas

 Lucky you! You've been asked to organize a baby shower for a friend or relative, and the pressure is on. The good news is that there are plenty of unique ideas out there for throwing an unforgettable party. Of course, the best way to come up with unique baby shower ideas is to think outside of the box. To get you started, here are 10 different (or not so different) baby shower ideas that you can use as inspiration as you plan your event.

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You may want to consider having a tea party-style event complete with finger sandwiches and pastries instead. This kind of get-together will surely make your guests feel special while still eating what they enjoy most on such an occasion. You could even have little teacups for them filled with their favorite drink- whether it's coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea, or lemonade (depending on the season). If this sounds like something up your alley, then go ahead and give it a try. 


Another unique idea for a baby shower could be having it at the zoo. This will allow guests of all ages, even those who never get out except maybe once or twice per year, an opportunity to do something fun and celebrate the upcoming appearance of the baby. You can't go wrong when hosting such an event so long as you keep the guest list appropriate. There might not be room for Grandma due to her inability to stand for too long, but you can open up the invite list to include kids.

Cooking Class

Invite the guests over for a fun cooking class. They all help prepare an amazing meal together before eating it during the reception. It's different and such fun. You can even change it up and include a few "how to make baby food" sessions. 

Yummy Mommy 

Set up a makeover station where busy mommy-to-be gets pampered by her closest family members and girlfriends while sipping champagne and nibbling on fruit.


Host a picnic baby shower where everyone brings their favorite dish to share around the blanket for an outdoor party. If the weather is amazing, you can even move the baby shower time so that the picnic is under the stars. 


Have a brunch baby shower. Brunch buffets are very popular, and you can provide an array of foods like: French toast, pastries, waffles with whipped cream and fresh fruit compote, eggs in multiple styles (scrambled, omelets), bacon or vegetarian choices such as veggie quiche or breakfast potatoes.

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Spa Party 

Have a spa party where guests bring their favorite beauty product or homemade recipe with them as gifts. In addition, you can provide snacks like fruit platters, tea sandwiches, nuts, and olives while everyone relaxes during the baby shower.

Movie Night Shower 

Host an outdoor movie night baby shower by projecting a film onto a sheet hung up on the wall inside your house (or outside if it's warm enough). Provide popcorn, candy, drinks, and lots of blankets, so people don't get too chilly during the show. Not sure what to watch? Ask the guests to vote between five options, and the most votes get watched. Just make sure that you do the voting a few days before the date to make sure you have the film. 

Animal Adoption Party 

There are many animals looking for loving homes at shelters around the country, so why not host a baby shower where attendees all adopt one? This would work well with any animal lover expecting their first child. The shelter will provide adoption certificates that guests can sign during the event and snacks and other fun activities.

Fashion Show Shower 

If you're looking for something fun that's unique, then why not host an afternoon where you all dress up in your best maternity wear? Guests can bring clothes to fit their friend or family member, which mom-to-be could even use as the basis of future photoshoots. Make sure there are lots of snacks and drinks on hand, so everyone has plenty to enjoy.

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Make sure you have plenty of activities planned at any hands-on baby showers because sometimes just talking about diapers gets boring after a while. Try setting up stations around your house or backyard where guests can do activities. Like painting onesies, making cards for the new parents, assembling baby food jars with snacks inside them, and so much more.

Gift Ideas 

So you got a great idea formulated for the best baby shower, but now what to buy when expecting a baby? There are so many different ideas for gifts. Cute clothes are always a good idea. Often, people will purchase cute outfits but forget about accessories like socks or mittens. You can never go wrong with baby outfits for gifts. If you're looking to give something more practical that is still adorable, consider buying a crib sheet or a changing pad cover. These are items that your friend will use frequently. For environmentally-conscious new parents, organic baby products could be the perfect gift to keep their minds at ease.

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