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Nancy Polanco How-To Cookbooks for Kids #ourgoodlifebooklist

October is National Cookbook Month, and I am so excited about it that I have published two posts about it today! For this post, I am sharing a darling cookbook called How-To Cookbook for Kids.  I got my first cookbook from my Grandmother in the 60s and I still have it and it is my most precious book.  I think any child would love to have this cookbook for their very own!

From Amazon

Help kids ages 8 to 12 learn to cook their favorite dishes—and discover new ones!

Involving kids in the kitchen can help them better appreciate food, broaden their tastes, and, most importantly, have fun! This introductory kids’ cookbook features simple directions and a full range of tasty recipes perfect for new cooks. They’ll be ready to whip up their own breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks in no time—all while building the essential kitchen skills they’ll need as they grow.

This cookbook for boys and girls features:

  • Kid-approved recipes—This book gets them started on the joy of food with healthier takes on kid-friendly classics, like burgers, pizza, tacos, mac and cheese, waffles, and more.
  • Child-friendly guidance—Directions are straightforward and detail every part of the process, ensuring kids know what they need to do at each step.
  • Core cooking skills—Kids will learn how to stay safe in the kitchen, read recipes, measure and mix ingredients, use a knife, and more.

Help kids serve up their own healthy and flavorful meals with The How-To Cookbook for Kids.

My Take

I received an advanced copy of the book with no obligation to write a review of any kind.  I just enjoyed it so much and felt like many of my readers would love to gift this book at Christmas. The book is well-organized with bright and colorful photos.  The first few chapters are dedicated to the basics of cooking and how to prepare for cooking. These chapters are so important for successful cooking!  After that, there are darling chapters for each meal, plus the kid's favorites of desserts and snacks.  The colorful photos make the food look delicious.  The steps are easy to follow but a bit wordy for younger cooks, so they made need parent guidance during the reading of the recipes.  Of course, parent guidance during the cooking process is a must!

I highly recommend this delightful book for your children who have shown an interest in cooking already. They will be so excited to get their own cookbook with recipes just for them!

About the Author

Nancy Polanco is a journalist turned recipe developer, content creator, photographer, and home cook.

One of her biggest passions has always been cooking and baking, and she is a big advocate of letting kids get in the kitchen early. Once kids start gaining confidence, they will surely try what they make. A total bonus for parents everywhere!

She is the editor of Whispered Inspirations (whisperedinspirations.com), a popular website that features easy recipes, life hacks, and adventures to enjoy while traveling.

Nancy loves creating and sharing quick and easy meals that bring people together. After all, she believes that the best memories are made in the kitchen or around the dining room table.

She believes that the love of food and the experience of culture goes hand in hand with travel. That is why she travels as often as possible and has an insatiable case of wanderlust.

Currently, Nancy lives in a border city with her husband and two daughters and enjoys spontaneous road trips, discovering new restaurants, and unique experiences that help create the best memories.

Send Nancy a message, discover new recipes, delicious restaurants, and new destinations through her Instagram: @whispersinspire

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful cookbook for kids! It would make a fantastic Christmas gift.

  2. This sounds perfect for my middle daughter. She is learning to cook and really enjoys it. The book would make the perfect gift for her.

  3. This sounds like a pretty amazing cookbook, perfect for when my nieces and nephews come over.

  4. I love simple recipes for kids to follow. It's so good to get them helping in the kitchen at an early age.

  5. I remember her from our threads, just a little error on your title - it says Polance instead of Polanco...

    And I agree with her about letting kids in the kitchen early...congratulations to her!

  6. What a great kid-friendly cookbook. I think cooking is such an important skill to learn at a young age, and is so fufilling!

  7. Richelle Escat5:07 AM

    Thanks for recommending this book.One of my niece really loves to cook inspite of her age. She'll love this.

  8. I'm going to have to check this out. I love cookbooks, especially for kids. My daughters love cooking as well.

  9. I love kids' cookbook, it's a good idea to teach them while they are still young.

  10. It is good to get kids to enjoy cooking when they are young since they will be eating all their lives.

  11. We love doing cooking projects as a family. I will have to check out this book and try some recipes.

  12. sounds like great book. I would love to check it out so that I can cook with family.

  13. I loved using cook books as a child and it really helped me to get good at cooking. I need to get some for my daughter.


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