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Nature-inspired interiors – how to turn your home into a serene oasis

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For those who crave outdoor space and proximity to nature but have the misfortune of living in an apartment building in the middle of the city, it can be difficult to find the peace and comfort they’re longing for at home. Concrete walls and bustling city life are a far cry from the calm meadows and the serene mountains you may be dreaming of. 

However, you don’t necessarily need to relocate to the countryside or move atop a hill to bask in nature’s wonders and all the joy they bring – unless you can do that, in which case we highly recommend taking the leap. Nonetheless, you can capture nature’s beauty and bring it into your home without taking such drastic measures. There’s even a specific interior and building design movement called a biophilic design that concerns itself with the connection that humans have with the natural world and how to incorporate that into our indoor environments. So, without further ado, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you turn your apartment into a nature-inspired oasis of peace and comfort. 

Go jungalow 

If you’ve been searching for design inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, you’re surely familiar with the jungalow trend. As the name implies, this home décor trend takes inspiration from the lush greenery of the jungle and the quaint charm of the bungalows to create tropical-forest-inspired settings. There are many ways you can achieve a similar look in your home, from using vivid colors and decorating your home with travel souvenirs to layering bold patterns and textures. But since plants are a big part of the jungalow design, the easiest way to integrate this style into your home is to surround yourself with indoor plants and greenery. 

You can fill every nook and corner of your home with different types of plants and flower pots and create your own interior garden. Apart from the aesthetical appeal, bringing plants into your home can create a fresh and welcoming atmosphere. If you have enough space available and enjoy DIY projects, you can also build a living plant wall. And don’t worry about not having a green thumb. There are plenty of low-maintenance plants like aloe vera and succulents that can thrive without much care. 

Opt for an organic color palette 

Color is without a doubt one of the most impactful décor elements one can use to transform a space. That’s because colors carry meaning, they can evoke a wide range of emotions and can set the mood in any setting. So, if you want your home to reflect the calmness and serenity of nature, you should choose hues that induce this type of atmosphere.  

This doesn’t mean you should paint your entire apartment green, although that’s also an option if you so wish. But there are countless color combinations that can help you create beautiful interiors reminding of nature. You can infuse your home with earthy tones like chocolate brown, beige, terracotta, clay, and mustard, use subtle blue or deep turquoise hues for a refreshing and clean look, or choose a warm yellow scheme to add cheer brightens to your interiors. 

Let the air and light in 

Since you don’t live in the middle of nature surrounded by oxygen-producing trees, it’s important to keep indoor air fresh and healthy and get some sunlight every now and then. Unfortunately, smaller homes usually have ventilation issues and are not exactly flooded with natural light either due to the cramped space and the limited number of windows. 

While you may not be able to knock down walls to add new windows to your home, there are a few things you can do to improve indoor air quality and enjoy a bit of sunlight every now and then. Keeping things clean and tidy by vacuuming, dusting, and decluttering on a regular is a good starting point. Cutting down on pollutants like cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals and using an air purifier can also greatly help. Lastly, pulling off the curtains and opening windows and doors daily to let the air and light in should become a routine. The flower pots and plants you’ve scattered around the house will definitely appreciate it. 

Get artsy 

Another great way to replicate the soothing power of nature and create a space that oozes tranquillity is to decorate your home with nature-themed artwork or décor pieces that make you think of nature or are made from natural materials. 

Since beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, it’s up to you to decide what art pieces would fit your interiors best. You can frame photos of nature and turn them into the focal points in your rooms, or if you’re feeling creative you can make your own art pieces with elements taken from nature, such as stones, sticks, leaves, seashells, or anything that inspires you. Finding the right nature-inspired art can be challenging, and not everyone feels they have the artistic skills to create from scratch. For those looking for a simpler way to bring their vision to life, paint by number kits by Number Artist offer a wonderful solution. With these kits, crafting beautiful, personalized artwork becomes accessible and you can achieve that serene ambiance in your home, with a personal touch that truly speaks to you.

Scent your home with natural fragrances 

Scents can easily conjure up intense memories and instantly transport us to places far away from our physical location. So, if you want to feel like you’ve stepped into a fragrant garden the minute you enter your home, filling it with nature-inspired perfumes will make the magic happen. 

You can use scented candles, incense sticks, or essence diffusers to bring the scent of the outdoors indoors and surround yourself with the aromas you like the most. But if you prefer something more natural, planting aromatic herbs (that you can also use when you’re cooking) and placing fragrant flower bouquets around the house is also a great way to make your home smell amazing. 

As a city dweller, nature may seem out of reach. But you can find nature wherever you are, even in a cramped little apartment that you can turn into your own corner of paradise with a bit of creativity and inspiration. 

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