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Tips for Decorating with Art Pieces

 Art is a reflection of our personalities and it is one of the best ways to personalize our homes. The living room is the heart of our living space and it deserves a touch of art. Whether you are a seasoned interior decorator or an art enthusiast, you will find some useful tips in this blog post on how to decorate your living room with art pieces.

Consider the Scale and Size

Art pieces come in different sizes and scale, and it's important to consider these factors when choosing the perfect piece to accentuate your living room. A bigger piece will make a bigger statement in a living room with a high ceiling or large floor space. But if you have a smaller room, you can complement it with smaller art pieces arranged as a grouping.

Choose Art that Speaks to You

Art is a personal choice and it's essential to choose something that speaks to you. When selecting pieces to add to your living room, consider your personal style, interest, and preferences. It's okay to select art that does not match your living room decor if it speaks to you. This will create interest and contrast.

Mix Different Types of Artworks

Don't be afraid to mix different types of artworks together to create an interesting visual. You can mix up paintings, photography, drawings, sculptures and other types of art pieces to create a visually stimulating display that will leave your guests impressed. Unique pieces like Balloon Dog and Rabbits in limited art editions by Editions Studio will stand out more than generic pieces as well!

Be Creative with the Arrangement

The way you arrange your art pieces is also important. Try different arrangements and see what works best for your living room. Grouping certain pieces together or arranging them in a single line can create an impactful display.

Use Color to Complement Your Decor

When selecting art pieces, choose those with color that complements the existing decor of your living room. This will make the piece stand out and add depth to the room. Alternatively, you can choose art with a contrasting color that adds a pop of color and vibrancy to the space.

Select the Right Spot

The right placement can make all the difference in displaying your art pieces. Before hanging your art, scout your living room for the best spot. Consider the wall, the lighting, and the height. Hang your art pieces at eye-level and in a well-lit area. You can also create a gallery wall to display multiple art pieces.

Mix and Match

Don't be afraid of mixing and matching different art styles and mediums in your living room. You can blend contemporary art with classic art pieces, or incorporate sculpture pieces, textiles, or even mug shots as a conversation starter. This mix will create a unique, eclectic living room look that reflects your personality.

Adding art to your living room creates personality, character, and depth. Incorporating it is easy with these five tips: choose the right scale and size, choose art that speaks to you, use color to complement decor, choose the right spot to display, and mix and match different art styles and mediums. With this, you can achieve a well-decorated living room that showcases your art and style.


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