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Ready, Set, Summer! Simple Tips To Get Your Home Prepped for the Hottest Season of the Year

As a homeowner, you have more than likely had to take steps to winterize your home in the past - to make sure it is ready for the winter and keeps you warm, safe, and cozy. However, you may not have prepped your home for the summer months. Before we know it, it will be time to break out the shades and the shorts, but first, you need to make sure your space is ready to beat the hat! Not only will these simple tips help you to keep cool, but they will also help you to keep pesky seasonal allergies at bay.

Get ahead of the game and take on these ten tasks to get your home ready for the summer season.

Spring clean

If you want to get your home ready for the summer, then tackling that overdue spring cleaning list is a great place to start. After all, winter can leave your home feeling dusty and cluttered, but with a fresh burst of energy and plenty of sunlight, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get on with it.

You don’t need to be a professional-level cleaner to make a big impact. Taking down and washing curtains, as well as cleaning surfaces and baseboards, there are lots of simple yet effective things you can do to get your space ready for the warmer months ahead. You may be surprised at just how much better your home looks and feels after a good deep clean. 

So, let’s get started. Dust off your outdoor and indoor fixtures, wash the windows both inside and out, and give your dryer vent a good cleaning. Just remember to dust first and vacuum last so that you can get every nook and cranny sparkling clean. 

Make sure your HVAC is ready to go

As the summer months approach, your trusty HVAC system will be working overtime to keep you cool and comfortable. But before you crank up the AC, it is important to make sure that your system is running at its absolute best, and if it isn’t, call in a professional AC repair service. 

One of the most important things you can do is clean or replace your air filter. After all, with the increased pollen and allergens of the season, a clean filter is crucial for keeping your indoor air quality fresh and healthy. 

You should also check for any debris or clutter around the indoor and outdoor components of your HVAC system, making sure there is at least two feet of free space around each. 

Check the thermostat

Don’t wait until you’re a hot, sweaty mess to realize the thermostat in your home is not working as it should. Take action now to make sure it is in tip-top shape.

Start by testing your thermostat. Put it on AC mode and set the temperature to a few degrees cooler than the current temperature in your home. If everything is working as it should be, you should feel cool air flowing through the vents. If the airflow is weak or there are any other issues, it is time to get your system checked out.

Landscape the garden

Take a stroll around your property and keep your eyes peeled for any problem areas that need your care and attention. Are there any trees or bushes that did not make it through the winter? Are there any areas where the grass seems to be struggling or even dead?

If you notice dead patches of grass, don;t worry too much. The best time to sow grass seed is actually towards the end of the summer or the beginning of fall, when the temperatures have dropped and the sun is less intense. In the meantime, focus on giving your yars some TLC. 

Swap out your seasonal items

It is time to give your decor a refresh.Do you really want to be surrounded by cozy vlankers and spiced pumpkin candles when it is hot and sunny outside? It is time to pack them away and swap them out for items that suit the new season. Look around your home and gather up all of your fall and winter decorations and store them away until the temperature drops again. While you are at it, dig out those lightweight duvets and blankets that have been langusiginh in the closet for the last few months, and give them a good cleaning so they are fresh and ready to use. 

Clean up the outdoor furniture

Start with warm soapy water to remove any debris, and for those stubborn stains on wooden furniture, try a pressure washer to really blast them away. Don’t stop there though. Give your furniture a brand new look with a fresh coat of weather-proof paint or varnish. You will be amazed at the transformation and your wallet will thank you for not having to buy new furniture.

Get ready to banish the bugs

All of those pesky bugs that went into hibernation over the fall will come out of the woodwork (quite literally, in some cases!) now that the temperatures are starting to rise. Don’t let these bugs, which come in all shapes and sizes, get the upper hand. If you take action now, you can keep them mostly at bay. Clean up any piles of leaves or debris near your house, seal up any cracks in the windows and doors,  and inspect your window screens for holes. If you want to really go on the offensive, now is the perfect time to lay down some pesticides or other bug repellants. 

Set aside a weekend or two to take care of everything on your to-do list. Think of it as an investment in your peace of mind. By taking care of these tasks now, you can relax and enjoy the warm weather when it comes without any worries. Plus, you will be able to avoid any potential disasters down the road. After all, it is always better to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to anything to do with home maintenance.



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