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The Advantages of Living on Campus at Monash University: Student Accommodation Insights

 When it comes to finding suitable student accommodation near Monash University, students have plenty of options to choose from. With various housing types and locations available, navigating the housing market and selecting a suitable living arrangement can be overwhelming.  Living on campus is advisable anywhere, including the campus of Aria Calgary.

Let's unwrap the various student accommodation options near Monash University and provide insights on choosing the best one for your needs!  Let's start by looking at off-campus places, like the ones you will find at Aria Calgary. Looking here might be a one-stop shop with these beautiful living quarters.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Students can choose to live off-campus and take advantage of the numerous options available in the surrounding areas of Monash University. Off-campus accommodations such as https://iglu.com.au/university/monash-university can give students more independence, privacy, and flexibility to customize their living arrangements. Additionally, off-campus housing options may be more affordable than on-campus housing, especially for students willing to share accommodation with roommates.

Types of Off-Campus Accommodation

Several off-campus accommodation options are available near Monash University, each with benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the most common types of off-campus accommodation:

1. Shared Apartments/Houses: Sharing accommodation with other students is popular among Monash University students. Sharing an apartment or house with roommates can reduce the cost of living, provide social support, and create a sense of community. However, choosing roommates with similar lifestyles, habits, and values is important to avoid conflicts and issues.

2. Private Apartments/Houses: Private apartments or houses offer more independence and privacy than shared accommodation. However, they are more expensive and may require students to pay for their utilities and internet. Private accommodation suits students who prefer to live alone or with a partner.

3. Homestays: Homestays involve living with a local family who provides meals, accommodation, and support. This accommodation is ideal for international students who want to experience the local culture, improve their language skills, and receive extra assistance. Homestays also suit students who prefer a more structured and supportive living environment.

Choosing the Right Accommodation

When selecting student accommodation near Monash University, there are several factors that students should consider to ensure they make the right choice:

1. Location: The location of the accommodation is a crucial factor to consider, as it can impact the commute time, safety, and accessibility of students. Students should choose accommodation near campus, public transportation, shops, and other amenities.

2. Budget: Students should determine their budget before searching for accommodation and consider all the costs involved, including rent, utilities, internet, food, transportation, and other expenses. Students should choose the accommodation that fits their budget and allows them to live comfortably without financial stress.

3. Amenities: Students should consider the amenities available in the accommodation, such as laundry facilities, kitchen equipment, internet, furniture, and other conveniences. Choosing suitable accommodations can make the living experience more comfortable and convenient.

4. Lease Agreement: Students should carefully review the lease agreement before signing it to ensure they understand the terms and conditions. Students should pay attention to the lease duration, rent payment schedule, security deposit, maintenance responsibilities, and other clauses that may impact their living experience.

5. Safety and Security: Students should prioritise safety and security when selecting accommodation. Students should research the area's crime rate and safety measures, check the building's security features, and inquire about emergency procedures. Students should also ensure the accommodation complies with local safety regulations and standards.

6. Roommates: If students opt for shared accommodation, they should choose roommates with similar lifestyles, habits, and values. Students should discuss their expectations, boundaries, and responsibilities with their roommates to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

7. Reputation: Students should research the reputation of the accommodation provider, read reviews, and ask for referrals. Choosing a reputable and reliable accommodation provider can minimize the risk of scams, fraud, and poor living conditions.


Finding suitable student accommodation near Monash University requires careful research, planning, and consideration of various factors. Off-campus accommodation options include shared apartments/houses, private apartments/houses, homestays, and hostels. Students should consider the location, budget, amenities, lease agreement, safety and security, roommates, and reputation when selecting accommodation. By following these tips and advice, students can find the best accommodation that suits their needs and preferences.


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