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Essential Travel Accessories for the Modern Adventurer

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When you go on vacation, you spend most of your time thinking about the places you visit, the people you’ll meet, and the fun you’ll have. But behind all of that is your kit. It’s almost impossible to go on a wild adventure and enjoy yourself without the right accessories.

That’s where this post can help. It explores some of the essential travel accessories you should take with you as a modern adventurer. Here’s everything you need to know:

First Aid Kit

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A first aid kit is one of the most valuable travel accessories in your arsenal. Taking one with you ensures you can patch up grazes and disinfect cuts while you’re adventuring.

The risk of injury is significantly higher for people who travel compared to those who remain in their homes or familiar environments. Novel situations mean you are more prone to hurting yourself than in your normal life.

Ensure you bring a large first aid kit with you with everything you need. Make sure it includes scissors, sterilizing patches, and plenty of other items to keep you safe and healthy.

Compact Camera

Of course, no travel adventure would be complete without your trusty compact camera. These devices let you capture stunning cityscapes and give you the option of sightseeing without your smartphone.

Pick a compact camera with an optical zoom lens. This feature will enable you to take pictures that would be impossible with a conventional phone.

Also, bring various flashes and lens attachments with you. Celebrate professional photography during your trip to bring your most memorable moments to life. You could even take a quick course to hone your skills before you travel.

Pack Eco-Friendly Toiletries

Everyone knows that travel leaves a large environmental footprint. Frequent flyers are among the biggest culprits. That’s why it’s so important and valuable to make small changes where you can.

One idea is to pack eco-friendly toiletries that are lighter and don’t require as much fuel to transport. Experts recommend packing solid shampoo and soap instead of bottled products that have a high water content. Green advocates also recommend taking reusable silicone travel bottles with you which you can refill with sachets when required.

Travel Laundry Kit

If you’re going on a real adventure, you’ll also want to take a travel-sized laundry kit with you. These help keep your clothes fresh, even if you are going somewhere without access to laundry facilities.

These kits usually involve a plastic tub, some detergent, and a pair of gloves to protect your hands. You might also get a drying tent included, or a rack. This means you can wash your clothes as long as you have access to clean water.

Packing Cubes

Another essential accessory you might want to include is packing cubes. These are handy for hikers or anyone who needs to keep all their belongings compartmentalized.

Packing cubes are essentially small pouches you can add to your suitcase to keep everything orderly. It prevents your belongings from transforming into a chaotic mass, making things hard to find. With packing cubes, everything has its place.


Adventurers should also consider taking multi-tools with them. These little knick-knacks come in handy more often than you might think, particularly if you’re out on the trail or biking through the woods.

For instance, many people find these tools helpful when they need to repair something on the road. Screwdrivers can help you take apart electronics or other pieces of equipment. You can also use them to cut branches and use pliers to manipulate whatever resources are available around you into a form you want.

A Drone

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you might consider bringing a drone with you. Drones let you take impressive snaps of your travel with high-definition cameras a long way away.

For example, let’s say you’re hiking through the mountains and want to capture the moment with a sense of scale. A drone video from the air can follow you as you traverse rocky crags and challenging singletrack.

You can also use drones to get a novel perspective on conventional sightseeing. Aerial shots provide a different angle, allowing you to get pictures most people won’t have seen before.

A Trowel

It’s also a good idea to take a trowel with you when adventuring in the wilderness. You never know when nature might call!

These days, you can get lightweight, foldable trowels made of aluminum. While they won’t last forever, the idea is to use them infrequently, only when you need them. Using them too often could result in them breaking.

You can also take a regular trowel with you if you don’t like that idea, but it will add significant weight to your pack. A high-quality steel trowel can easily weigh a pound, and you might only use it once.

Travel Towel

Also, consider taking a compact travel towel with you. Manufacturers design these to be thin yet absorbent so they don’t take up too much space.

Look for travel towels that advertise being quick-dry. These are perfect for camping or hiking when the weather is bad. Some towels also come with antimicrobial fabrics that prevent them from smelling, even if circumstances force you to pack them wet.

Collapsible Water Bottle With A Filter

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Having a handy collapsible water bottle with a filter also comes in handy, especially if you’re a keen adventurer. These take up very little space in your pack and let you access clean water wherever there’s a water source.

The filters included in these bottles are highly effective at eliminating dangerous pathogens from water. Many contain silver nanoparticles and complex passive filtration systems that scrub any unwanted particles from water, giving you something you can drink.

However, you should always check the manufacturer’s information on precisely what the filters will remove. While they might eliminate organics, they may be ineffective against metals or other toxic compounds.

Universal Travel Adapters

Taking a universal travel adapter with you on your next adventure is another great idea. Having one of these handy things in your suitcase means you can hook up all your devices and appliances to local mains supply without having to purchase separate adapters from the airport (which can be pricey).

Universal travel adapters can be hard to get hold of but several companies make them. You can also get adapters for laptops and other hardware that work all over the world, regardless of the electricity supply characteristics in your destination.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Another must-have accessory is noise-canceling headphones. These work by emitting frequencies that counteract incoming sound waves, taking the energy out of them.

The technology was first developed to protect workers’ ears and prevent loud machinery from damaging them and causing deafness. Now, though, the technology is in consumer-grade products and works exceptionally well on flights or when you’re trying to catch up on sleep.

Noise-canceling headphones can also save your ears from loud music. Being able to eliminate surrounding sounds means you can listen to your favorite tracks on a lower volume.

Portable Power Bank

You might also want to invest in a portable power bank if you’re going camping and will be away from a source of power for a long time. These power banks are essential for helping you in situations where you need a connection to the internet or a light to see what you are doing. Most products contain roughly enough energy to charge your phone twice, enabling you to go on a three-day excursion and have power the entire time.

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