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Limitless Butter Board Recipes + One Fall Recipe

Butter boards have been a craze since first mentioned in Joshua McFadden's James Beard award-winning cookbook Six Season: A New Way with Vegetables. The concept went viral with Justine Doiron's TikTok videos and her delicious, easy-to-follow ways.  This is a fun way to impress the hostess at a potluck or to show family and friends the latest trend in cooking.

Butter Board Recipes

 Limitless Butter Board Recipes + One Fall Recipe

What is a Butter Board?

Butter boards are a type of charcuterie tray using very good butter (like Kerigold) topped with savory or sweet toppings that you like. You serve it with sliced bread or really good crackers.  There are some things to know about preparing a good butter board!  Like a good charcuterie, you will want to cover some basics.

How do you make a Butter Board?

how to make butter board

It's so simple!  I have created a chart of the basics, below! Circle the ingredients you will use and give it a name so you can share it with friends! Using softened butter on a ceramic platter, or a wood board covered with parchment paper, spread the butter on the serving dish using an artistic swoosh. Add toppings and serve with bread or crackers. This alleviates the concern about safety for a butter board by cross-contamination for using a wood board.

Are Butter Boards safe?

As stated earlier, some folks believe that butter boards aren't safe, especially if you are using a wood board that you use for other servings, like charcuterie.  We talked about safety in the paragraph above.  Simply use a ceramic dish or lay a parchment on the wood surface before you spread the butter.  Use serving utensils so there isn't any desire to double dip.  While you can spread the butter beforehand, do not assemble until you are ready to serve. Store the spread butter in the refrigerator.

Best Tips for Your Butter Board

  • The butter, of course, is key to the taste profile of your board. You can use any real butter (not margarine) that you like, and salted tends to taste better than unsalted. We especially love using Kerrygold Irish butter, which has a really decadent flavor, rich yellow color, and affordable price tag.
  • Use parchment paper on wood boards to keep butter from seeping into the cracks. 
  • Serve with a vintage relish tray for a special look and vibe.

Easy Butter Board recipes, Sweet Butter Board recipes, and Savory Butter Board recipes

Use the chart below to help you create limitless butter boards for your gatherings.  When you are creating a butter board, think of a flavor profile that you want, such as "Italian."  Then add those flavors to the top of your butter.  I would add roasted garlic, chopped red onion, basil, balsamic vinegar and serve with grilled or toasted Italian bread.  I might put my Summertime Charcuterie out, too for a feast for the eyes and tastebuds!

Butter Board Recipes

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