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Fun Ways To Display Photos Around Your Home


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By displaying photos in your home, you can surround yourself with happy memories. But just how should you display these photos? Beyond the traditional method of a single photo in a frame, there are many different ways to display photos. Sometimes it is so hard to choose the one photo that represents your memory so you might consider an online collage maker.

Give multi-photo frames a theme

Multi-photo frames allow you to create clusters of photos. In order to bring a sense of harmony to these photos, it’s worth trying to keep to a specific theme. This could include displaying photos from a specific event such as a vacation or a wedding, or collating photos of a specific person such as a child or a late relative. You can keep these themed multi-photo frames fresh by occasionally replacing photos and coming up with new themes. 

Blow up a photo on canvas

Got a single photo that is very special to you? Perhaps it’s a favorite photo of a pet or a favorite photo from your wedding day? These photos could be ideal for enlarging and displaying in prominent places (such as your bedroom or living room wall). Such a photo could be printed on canvas or acrylic. Just make sure that the quality is good enough so that it doesn’t look too distorted when blown up.

Create a collage out of photos

Another fun idea could be to create a collage out of photos. These could be pinned onto a pinboard or stuck directly onto a wall with sticky tac. By having all these photos overlap, you can give you collage a busy textured feel. Alternatively, you could arrange them into shapes like hearts. Photo collages could be kept to a theme, or you could create a jumble of happy memories.

Put an open photobook on display

Rather than keeping photobooks on shelves, why not keep an open photobook on display that you and guests can look at? This could be placed on a coffee table, or propped on a book holder on a sideboard. Photobooks can contain lots of different photos and be used to tell a story by placing them in chronological order. They could be photos of a certain recent event or photos taken over your entire life. 

Make a banner out of photos

Photos can be hung on a string to create a fun banner. This could be hung from the ceiling in front of an archway or over a door. If this banner is going to be permanent, make sure that its hung in a practical place where it’s not going to constantly get knocked. Photo banners could be kept to a theme or used to display lots of different photos. 

Personalise coasters with photos

You could consider printing photos onto coasters. These could remind you of happy memories whenever you’re having your morning coffee. There are companies online that can manufacture these personalized coasters for you. You can also print photos on placemats to display on a dining table. 

Turn your photos into fridge magnets

Fridge magnets don’t just have to be for photos of theme park rides. You can also display other photos on fridge magnets to provide happy memories whenever you’re in the kitchen. In fact, photos of you and your family/friends in the kitchen could be ideal for turning into fridge magnets. 

Print a photo on a cushion

You could even consider printing a photo on a cushion cover. Pets are the most popular subject for cushion cover photos, but you can select any photo you like. You’ll find companies online that can manufacture these custom cushion covers. 

Curate a staircase photo gallery

The wall beside the staircase can often get neglected in homes, but it’s a great place for hanging photos. By displaying lots of photos on your staircase wall, you can even turn it into a photo gallery. If you’ve got an upstairs bathroom opposite the stairs and you have a lot of quests over, this could give guests something to look at and discuss while queuing for the bathroom. 

Get playful with a photo Ferris wheel/carousel

Photo Ferris wheels and carousels can display multiple photos, which can be rotated around. These are fun features to place on coffee tables or window sills. Kids are particularly likely to enjoy playing with them, so you could consider dedicating them to pictures of your kids or silly photos that kids are likely to appreciate. Alternatively, you could use them to collate themed photos such as photos from a wedding or photos from the holidays.

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