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Pre-Surgery Optimization: Tips To Help Surgery Run smoothly

 If you have ever had surgery, you understand how much time it takes to recover. You may feel frustrated that you can’t do what you want because your body needs time. However, did you know that physical therapy can actually help shorten your recovery time? As you search for physical therapy near me, find out how you can better prepare your body for surgery and recovery.

Preparing for Surgery Success

You should follow several strategies to encourage surgery success. First, make sure you go to all your doctor’s appointments and follow your physician’s instructions, including taking or stopping medications. Avoid smoking and drinking because they can interact with your anesthesia and cause other challenges during and after surgery. Adopt a healthy diet. Eat lean protein, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Avoid sugary foods and drinks because they can increase your risk of infection. Drink lots of water and take your vitamins to boost your immune system.

Also, work on strengthening your lungs to prepare for the anesthesia. Take deep breaths in and out every day. Focus on getting adequate sleep. Keep a positive mindset. Practice mindfulness and focus on your recovery rather than your injury.

Prepare Your Home and Life

When you speak with physical therapy Wichita KS about your pre-surgery process, your therapist should also guide you in how you need to prepare your life and home for your post-surgery restrictions. You may want to prepare food ahead of time. Your furniture may need adjusted to give you adequate space to navigate your home.

You will also likely need someone to pick you up from the hospital. You may need help doing household and daily tasks for a few days or weeks after your discharge. Get the help you need and manage your expectations.

Pre-Surgical Wellness Steps

Before your surgery, find out everything you can about the procedure, including how it will impact your body and what recovery looks like. Your physical therapist will also walk you through post-surgery treatment strategies that can promote and accelerate your recovery.

Also, start exercising before the surgery. Exercise to strengthen your muscles and joints. Physical therapists can give you exercises that won’t further exacerbate your injury but prepare your body for fast recovery. Exercise can also help you maintain a healthy weight.

Your therapist will also talk to you about any assistive devices you may need. These professionals can fit you for these devices and teach you how to use them early so they aren’t so cumbersome after your surgery. You will also learn techniques for walking, sitting, getting out of a char or your bed, etc. after your surgery so you don’t injure yourself again.

Post-Surgical Therapy

After our surgery, your physician will likely prescribe physical therapy. These professionals can help you regain your range of motion and strength. You will perfume post-surgery exercises that increase your endurance and help you with your daily tasks. They will also provide treatments that reduce swelling and promote healing.

As you prepare for your surgery and recovery, physical therapy Hutchinson KS can help you create a customized plan that promotes full restoration.

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