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Treatments for Thinning and Hair Loss: How Effective Are They?

 There was a time when the options for treating thinning hair or hair loss were limited. You could get a wig or toupee, or there were certain other dubious treatments that weren’t exactly guaranteed to produce excellent results. Times have changed, though, and there are much better treatments and solutions now.

Utah hair transplant is available for those in the state who are dealing with impending baldness or thinning hair. Let’s talk more about how effective some other treatments are right now.


Propecia is one of the more popular hair loss solutions that’s one the market today. You might also know of its other name, Finasteride.

There is a hormone that is at the root of male pattern baldness, and this medication stops your body from making it. It is known to be very effective. Nearly 90% of the men who use it report positive results. It’s available in pill form, so it’s also quite easy to take.


This is an over-the-counter medication. That is part of what makes it so popular in the modern era. However, what’s also nice about it is that both men and women can use it, and it is shown to have good results for both.

If you have a receding hairline, this is likely not the best option. However, it will stimulate hair growth in many cases. The interesting thing about Minoxidil, though, is that doctors are not entirely sure how it works.

That might make you feel a little nervous about using it, but it might surprise you to know that there are several medications like this on the market. Just because the exact physiological reasons for a drug’s effectiveness are not known, that does not necessarily mean that it is not beneficial for humanity.

LLLT and Biotin

LLLT stands for low-level laser therapy. This might sound a little terrifying, but it can sometimes help individuals who are experiencing hair loss. Those who swear by LLLT use things like laser combs, caps, brushes, and hoods.

However, this is not a kind of treatment that many credible doctors endorse. Because of that, you may want to steer clear of this one unless nothing else on this list seems to be working.

As for Biotin, it is a B vitamin that has been shown to have many legitimate health uses. It is naturally occurring in foods like liver, egg yolks, and yeast. If you are not getting enough Biotin, that can cause hair loss. Inversely, if you consume more of it, you might be able to stimulate hair growth to some extent.

LLLT and increasing the amount of Biotin you consume are usually not regarded as being on the same level as Minoxidil or Propecia if you are trying to grow back your hair or keep what remaining hair you have. On the other hand, they have not been demonstrated to harm you, so trying them might be an option if these more conventional methods have not given you the results you’ve wanted. 

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