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Who Is At Fault If I Trip And Get Hurt On A Cracked Sidewalk in NYC?

 You might experience unexpected dangers while walking on a damaged sidewalk in NYC. The main function of a sidewalk is to keep pedestrians safe. Trips, falls, and injuries are common on sidewalks with potholes and uneven and cracked surfaces. To maintain a safe path, the sidewalk must comply with DOT guidelines.

Well-maintained sidewalks are essential for both safety and aesthetics. They protect pedestrians from tripping hazards and boost the curb appeal of your property. In NYC, homeowners are responsible for keeping the sidewalks next to their homes in good repair.

If your sidewalk needs attention, consider hiring a qualified sidewalk repair contractor like Eden Sidewalk Repair to ensure the job is done correctly. This will not only prevent potential accidents but also enhance the overall look of your property.

Understanding Sidewalk Liability in NYC

To figure out who is responsible for sidewalk accidents in New York City, you have to look at the city's rules and laws. Now let's look at the things that determine the city's and property owners' liabilities.

What Are the Causes of Sidewalk Damage?

Sidewalks are made of materials like concrete, asphalt, and gravel. Without proper maintenance, these materials can deteriorate with time. Your sidewalks can become dangerous for pedestrians and children if you do not maintain them.

There are the following causes of sidewalk damage, given below:

·        Cracks

·        Slippery Surfaces

·        Potholes

·        Tree Roots

·        Snow and Ice

·        Soil Erosion

Damages in a Sidewalk Trip and Fall Scenario

Accidents involving trips and falls on the sidewalk can be very bad, causing many injuries and even needing immediate medical help.

Examples of typical sidewalk fall injuries, such as:

·        Sprains and Strains

·        Twisted Ankles

·        Fractures or Broken Bones

·        Spine Injuries

·        Brain Injuries

·        Paralysis

·        Or Even Death

When people trip and fall on your damaged sidewalks, they need medical care, treatment, and sometimes therapy, and they can sue you for personal injury and get you to pay for their losses.

Who Is Responsible for Sidewalk Maintenance?

In New York City, property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk adjacent to their properties. And as for sidewalks located in parks and commercial buildings, the NYC government is responsible.

Responsibility of the Property Owner

Property owners are usually responsible for keeping sidewalks in good shape on their own property. Regular checks must be done for cracks, holes, and any other dangers, and any problems must be fixed as soon as possible. Property owners can be held liable if someone falls and gets hurt on their unmaintained sidewalk.

Responsibility of Government

If a sidewalk on public property is broken or blocked, the city or town may be responsible for injuries to pedestrians.

NYC Parks and Government Institutes

New York City's city government is responsible for fixing any sidewalk damage that street trees and their roots cause. If tree roots hurt a path in New York City, the Parks Department is in charge of fixing it. You can tell the city's Parks Department about a sidewalk that has been raised by tree roots so that it can be looked at and any fixes made that are needed.

Sidewalks Adjacent to City-Owned Property

A city government agency is in charge of fixing sidewalks that are close to parks, schools, or government buildings. Departments like the Parks Department or the Department of Transportation are responsible for making these fixes so that public sidewalks are safe and easy to use.

The NYC sidewalk program is also a service that residents can use to get answers to their questions and make complaints about sidewalk upkeep and repair.

How Can Hiring a Sidewalk Contractor Help?

Both property owners and municipalities need to hire professional sidewalk contractors who can fix issues on time. These contractors have the expertise and equipment to assess and repair sidewalks efficiently, reducing the risk of accidents and potential liability.


Sidewalks are very important for the safety and accessibility of the neighborhood. Poorly maintained walkways can make it hard for people to walk, especially older people, people with disabilities, and parents pushing strollers. When property owners don't fix the sidewalk, they make the area dangerous and hard for everyone to get to.

People who own property and the city of New York City are both responsible for accidents that happen on sidewalks. It is important to know the specific laws and rules about who is responsible for the sidewalk so that pedestrians are safe and people who get hurt can get fair pay.

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