Back to College!

Our DD, Ashley, who is 21, is back off to her college as of yesterday. Unfortunately, due to my Open House and Bob having school commitments, she had to unpack all by herself. How things have changed since she was a freshman! We took days off work, we cleaned her room and made sure every luxury was available to her before we left. Here she is a senior, and we barely have allotted enough time to help load the car AT HOME!

Ashley will finish this semester, having completed a semester during HS. She will graduate with a degree in Fashion Management and Marketing. Her plans after graduation are to start work on her MBA at Stephens and to get married in March.

Ashley is a Kappa Delta sister and does a lot of modeling on campus and in the community. She has quite a good reputation as a model. She does it for fun and does not take it seriously at all. I wish I had the looks, body and demeanor to be a model and then not take myself too seriously!
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Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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