Posted by / 17 August 2007 /

A few things and the kitchen sink!

Last summer Bob and I replaced the countertops in the kitchen with these red ones and replaced the sink. A year later I still love my red countertops but the sink was a FABULOUS piece of luck.

I picked out a sink without a divider so I could lay a cookie sheet down completely. This sink did so much work for me as I have canned and harvested our tomato crop. Being able to drain a huge kettle without spilling and having plenty of room for dishes and work space has been soooo nice.

I highly recommend these sinks if you are thinking about replacing yours!

As far as other things.... I am running on SLOW today, its 8:00 and I still haven't gotten out of my night clothes. I am semi "off work" today although I am going in. This morning I am running to walmart to grab some things that teachers needed before school starts.

Have a good day!
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