It was a G*R*E*A*T Day!

It was a very good day today. The meeting went WAY too long but everyone was so nice about everything. Lots of smiles and visits to my office afterwards.

Now I am totally exhausted and I am going to go to bed early. But before I do....

I have decided to treat myself to my all time favorite candy bar... a Cherry Mash! Have any of you had one?

These little babies are made right here in Missouri, in St. Joseph, in fact. To learn more about this tasty little treat, go here: (sorry, it wouldn't make a link for me)

The cherry center is soooo sweet that I usually save part for another day. Today I might eat the whole thing!

Nothing like ending a good day with something that says I love you like this little candy bar does to me! My mom likes to melt the candy in the microwave and pour it over ice cream. Its good, but I would just rather eat it!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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